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TikTok trends 2024: Tracking the latest TikTok trends as they emerge

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Buzz from Shooglebox helps brands and organisations quickly spot and explore TikTok trends as they start to take off.

The Buzz service flags, explains and tracks more than 100 new trends every month – three weeks on average before they hit peak interestGet in touch to find out how Buzz could help your business in 2024.

Here's a few of the big trends that Buzz customers have been among the first to discover.

TikTok trends February 2024:

What You Won't Do For Love: TikTokers are getting a huge response to videos zooming in and out on foods, drinks and all sorts of random objects to the tune of What You Won't Do for Love by Bobby Caldwell

"You have been promoted! You are now one of my elite employees!": A clip from a comedy sketch by @mainlymannie is being used in memes about over-the-top ways of praising or being nice to someone

Look After You: More than half a million TikToks using this sped-up version of The Fray's Look After You as part of throwback trend comparing current photos of people or pets with older photos from their younger years

"Save the other half for later": A fun trend showing creative ways of displaying the uneaten half of something you're planning to finish later is brightening up lots of people's For You Pages – like this half a sandwich video

TikTok trends January 2024:

"We're/I'm ... Of course ...": Hugely popular trend where people poke fun at stereotypical behaviours of groups or teams they belong to – including brands like Ryanair, Red Bull and the BBC and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ed Sheeran and Kristin Chenoweth

Shiba Inu dancing: CapCut template of a Shiba Inu dog bopping its head to Run Away by Sunstroke Project is being used by TikTokers to joke about situations where they're confused or distracted – or to show what makes them happy enough to bop their head

Saltburn: Lots of buzz around the new thriller Saltburn – especially Murder on the Dancefloor scene which people are recreating including Sophie Ellis-Bextor herself on New Year's Eve

Mob Wife Aesthetic: Some TikTokers are saying goodbye to 2023's minimalist "clean girl" aesthetic and embracing a "mob wife" aesthetic based around wearing heavy make-up, fur coats and flashy jewellery – like the wives of gangsters in mafia films

Flying Dutchman burgers: The onion-wrapped Flying Dutchman burger from US food chain In-N-Out is really popular with people sharing reviews or trying to recreate it at home

"I think I like this little life": Cordelia O'Driscoll's song Little Life has been dominating many TikTokers' For You Pages and people are now parodying it by singing it in funny ways – often breaking out into the song in front of someone who doesn't know the trend

Somethin' Stupid: Frank and Nancy Sinatra song inspires new trend where people share embarrassing things they accidentally say to ruin a moment

"This is not a banger, and I know a banger": Sound from an old YouTube video from Wayne County Lyfe ranting about Monster Mash resurfaces on TikTok with people using it to share opinions on a range of different things

Toothless dancing: Animation inspired by How to Train Your Dragon is dominating lots of TikTokers' For You Pages – including CapCut templates used to share times you'd do a similar joyful dance

TikTok trends December 2023:

Coquette aesthetic: TikTokers and brands joining in with huge trend for putting bows and ribbons on unconventional things like foods, drinks, people, pets and random objects, soundtracked with Lana Del Rey music

Chipi Chipi Chapa Chapa: Chorus of Chilean song Dubidubidu used in a range of memes and videos of animals "dancing" and bopping their heads

Seeing life cinematically: CapCut template makes a short film from series of clips on your camera roll, romanticising and showing the beauty of life

"I just wanna see my baby standing right outside my door": People using sound clip from Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas to share what's on their wishlists this year – ranging from actual present ideas to fantasies like a favourite celebrity

Snow globe cocktails: Christmas cocktail made by filling a third of a tumbler glass with water, adding cranberries, a sprig of rosemary, and freezing before for a few hours pouring over a fizzy cocktail or mocktail

Let's Get Loud: People are using the Jennifer Lopez song Let's Get Loud to show things they wanted to do when they were younger and the skills their mums made them learn instead  – and joking that they'd use these skills if they were ever attacked or burgled

TikTok trends November 2023:

Josh Hutcherson whistle: Big meme where people edit a clip of actor Josh Hutcherson appearing in unlikely places alongside the song Whistle by Flo Rida

Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale: Quirky dance craze inspired by quote from the character Neuvillette in the Genshin Impact video game – TikTokers do goofy dance moves every time he says "Oratrice Mecanique" and stand still for the other parts

Christmas simmer pots: "Simmer pots" are made by filling a glass pot with water, fruits and spices and simmering on a hob as a natural way of keeping your home smelling nice – festive versions use fruits and spices like oranges, apples, cranberries, cinnamon and cloves

"99 problems, one solution": More than 1m TikTokers using the song Ethereal by Txmy including a photo carousel trend showing people and things that make everything ok regardless of the problems they're facing

"I'm cold": People in the beauty community are doing "I'm cold" make-up – a continuation of a trend last winter where people replicate the look of being exposed to cold weather by adding red or pink blush for their rosy cheeks and a matte finish as if their skin is dry

Pets as Disney Pixar characters: Pet owners using Bing's Image Creator to make imaginary film posters featuring their dogs and cats as Disney Pixar characters

"Us in another universe": TikTokers using Michael Cera's indie folk ballad Clay Pigeons on videos of animals in pairs and groups – the idea being that they mirror their own human relationships and friendships

TikTok trends October 2023:

Boo baskets: The concept of a Halloween "boo basket" has really taken off this autumn, with 400m views of TikToks on #boobasket as people share videos surprising their partners, children and even pets with baskets of goodies

"Sticking out your gyat for the rizzler": A parody of Ecstacy by Suicidal-Idol which is filled with Gen Alpha slang has gone viral with people using the sound in lipsyncs, gaming videos and comedy skits and even doing covers of it

Benjamins Deli: Dance battle trend to a remix of songs by Puff Daddy and Ice Spice where people take turns to show off their moves, dancing "normally" before the lights go out and they go a bit crazy

Me and the Devil: More than half a million TikToks using the original and sped-up versions of Soap&Skin's song Me and the Devil in photo carousels about people's problematic personality traits and bad habits

Kevin James: Old photos of the actor and comedian Kevin James smirking on the set of his sitcom The King of Queens have resurfaced in memes where people use the photos to joke about situations that would make them smirk

"One day or day one": Quote from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has taken off in the last few weeks with more than 400k TikTokers using it to show how they've changed over time – lots of sports clubs are sharing throwback photos of their players

"Look at my son, pride is not the word I'm looking for": Line from the song Dear Theodosia from the musical Hamilton being used by pet owners in videos showing their pets doing something a bit weird or not that smart

TikTok trends September 2023:

Smurf Cat: Meme featuring a creature with the features of a cat and head of a mushroom has quickly taken off, with 2bn views of TikToks posted with #smurfcat including from brands like Specsavers, Lynx and Drumstick and football clubs Real Madrid and Juventus

Tube Girl: Sabrina Bahsoon inspires lots of people to record themselves dancing and posing in public, aiming to achieve her level of confidence

Wassup GwayyMore than 1.2m videos using hip-hop song by FamousSally & YB as people share their "honest reaction" to various scenarios – dancing and making gestures while dismissing what someone's said to them

Roman Empire: "How often do you think about the Roman Empire?" is a question lots of TikTokers are asking their male partners and friends – there are now 1.4bn views on #romanempire thanks to the trend

"I found this old photo": People are applying the "Old but crispy" or "Aged" effects to imagine their future selves as grandparents looking back at their younger years – soundtracked with Hot Wings (I Wanna Party) from the film Rio

"Me as a Pixar character": CapCut template using AI to show TikTokers and their pets what they'd look like as animated characters in a Pixar film has been hugely popular with more than 4m videos using it

TikTok trends August 2023:

"Oh my goodness, I love this question!": Sound from interview with actress Lola Tung has quickly taken off with more than 400k TikTokers using the sound – including brands like Capri-Sun, Little Moons and Specsavers

Feta fried eggs: New food trend for feta fried eggs served in a toasted tortilla wrap has really taken off with people saying it's "10/10" – and brands like Morrisons and Boursin jumping on the hype

"More passion, more energy": Sounds from videos of a man dancing in the street while the cameraman hypes him up are being used by people also trying to hype someone up

ZepothaA fake 1980s horror film created by indie musician Emily Jeffri is spreading quickly with TikTokers imagining characters and plot lines, making trailers and referencing it in comments on other people's videos – more than 200m views on #zepotha in two weeks

Interpretive dancer: CapCut template of a man moving his arms and doing pirouettes used to talk about things that put you in a good mood – like in this example from Nando's

Beauty and a BeatPopular hand dance trend to Nicki Minaj's rap section in Justin Bieber's song Beauty and a Beat – influencers like Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp are joining in

Strawberry make-up: Hailey Bieber's rosy cheeks and faux freckles look has caught on with influencers like Nikki Lilly and James Charles trying it along with brands like ASOS, Clarins and e.l.f. Cosmetics

"Ashley, look at me": The Kalin Brothers have gone viral for their videos dancing to the "Ashley, look at me" sound from The Boys – lots of people are now parodying their moves by flexing their arms and shuffling around

TikTok trends July 2023:

Girl dinner: The concept of a "girl dinner" – a plate of assorted picky food which doesn't need cooking – has taken off as a FoodTok trend and meme this summer, with more than 1bn views of videos on #GirlDinner

"She was a fairy": Sound being used on a floating trick where people make it look like they're flying in the air by standing on a surface and attaching their shoes to their ankles – or on clips of their creepy looking DIY fairies and dolls spinning around on a piece of string

Latte make-up: Beauty content creator Rachel Rigler has coined the term "latte make-up", inspired by photos of make-up artist Tanielle Jai and based around blending brown eyeshadows to get a "warm and bronzey" look

Low-five outfits transitions: Popular style of filming and editing fashion videos where couples and friends film full-body shots of themselves giving each over a low-five before switching outfits to the beat of the music

Paw Patrol: Pet owners like @dayswithscotty are having fun with anew AI effect that turns their dogs into cartoon-style characters from the children's series Paw Patrol

Black cat zoning out: Individuals and brands using CapCut template of a black cat zoning out for situations where they're unimpressed by what someone's saying, or not listening because their mind is on other things

Bottles rolling down stairs: There's a huge appetite for ASMR on TikTok, with more than 800 billion views on #ASMR – new trend has accounts like @rachapotes recording the sound of glass bottles and jars shattering as they roll down flights of stairs

TikTok trends June 2023:

Grimace shake: Marketing campaign by McDonald's in the US has quickly taken on a life of its own on TikTok with thousands of people creating horror-movie-style videos and more than 1 billion views on #grimaceshake

Bill Hader dancing: CapCut template of actor and comedian Bill Hader dancing in a box in an old Saturday Night Live sketch used by individuals, brands and sports clubs to show situations that put them in a good mood

Bold Glamour to Striking Face: TikTokers are using two popular effects to compare how they think they look in certain situations with how they actually look, soundtracked with Billy Idol's Eyes Without A Face

"Light work, no reaction ... ok, it's got a little kick": Sound from a clip of Twitch streamer Jynxzi eating hot wings used to show scenarios where something goes from seeming easy to being more challenging

What It IsSong by American rapper Doechii sparks big dance trend – lots of people are doing variations of simple hand movements and even using a CapCut template to add them to pictures of pets and other images

"Me as a Barbie": Hugely popular CapCut template that turns you into a Barbie doll has been used in millions of videos – with some unusual results on pets, and brands like Toys"R"Us, Frank's RedHot sauce and Vita Coco trying it on their products and mascots

MakebaFeel-good song from 2015 has resurfaced on TikTok with people doing dance routines to it, using it on a CapCut template sharing memories on their camera rolls, and for aesthetic food, fashion and travel content

Mango pancakes: Lots of love in the FoodTok community recently for Hong Kong-style crepes filled with whipped cream and fresh mango – people are buying them from their local oriental supermarkets or making their own at home

TikTok trends May 2023:

"P for Papas, it's a Papa's Party": Pet owners are having lots of fun making videos where they hold up their cats, dogs and other animals to make it look like they're dancing – see how our Buzz service tracked the trend as it took off

Photogenic challenge: More than 30m people joining in a challenge to see how "photogenic" they are using a CapCut template that generates a series of black-and-white freeze frames from a random video they upload

Levitating: TikTokers are finding creative ways to illustrate the lyrics of DaBaby's rap section in Dua Lipa's song Levitating with different poses and all sorts of objects – often filming themselves in shops and supermarkets, like this example from @ehmnwel

"It's hard to believe I'm walking through the ruins of an ancient city ...": Sound from Diane Morgan's character Philomena Cunk in Cunk on Earth being used to joke about things you're guilty of not actually doing

Upside down pastries: FoodTokers like @londonbruncher are racking up ther views on recipes for sweet and savoury pastries made by assembling the toppings on greaseproof paper before covering in pastry and baking until golden

AI Style effect: Hugely popular TikTok effect has been used by millions of people to modify videos and images of themselves, tattoos, pets and random objects – results range from majestic gold statues, to moss-covered stones, mermaids and looks that wouldn't be out of place in a science fiction film

Yesterday, today, tomorrow: More than half a million TikToks on photo carousel trend where people show things they're doing repeatedly, including brands like Care Bears, Duolingo, Little Moons and BBC Eurovision – find out how the trend has taken off

LemonTok: Big baking trend with lemon cakes, cookies and cheesecakes racking up the views and a passionate LemonTok community emerging

"Well, that's interesting. Do you know why? Because ...": TikTokers and brands using a sound from Parks and Recreation in videos running away from something, like when they're embarrassed – or, more positively, running off to get something they like the sound of

The Lorax2012 film resurfaces on TikTok with people jumping on the "If it has a screen, The Lorax will be seen" meme where they appear to be playing the film on any device with a screen and also recreating the characters' dance moves in the closing Let it Grow scene

TikTok trends April 2023:

Wes Anderson movies: Brands, sports clubs and charities join TikTokers getting creative with the "acting like you're in a Wes Anderson film" trend, filming and editing videos of their everyday lives with the director's distinctive visual style, colour palette and use of symmetry – find out more

John Cena: 1.5m videos using CapCut template of the wrestler and actor dancing with headphones on to post about scenarios and songs that put them in a good mood – more than 17m views on one from Mentos UK about the pronunciation of their brand name

"One, two, buckle my shoe": A funny version of the nursery rhyme song One, Two, Buckle My Shoe is all over TikTok as people and brands like Gymshark, Toys"R"Us Canada and Nickelodeon make memes and remixes out of a TikToker's video showing off his Nike trainers adapted with a cartoon-style buckle

Okokok vs Lalala: Lines from the song See You Again by American rapper Tyler, the Creator used to compare "okokok"and "lalala" people and objects – "okokok" is supposed to represent someone or something that's introverted, mature and logical, in contrast to the more extroverted and emotional "lalala"

FaceApp filters: Hundreds of thousands of people using FaceApp to alter aspects of their appearance – including making themselves and their partners look older, changing their hair colours and gender swapping – then inserting the original and edited photos into a popular CapCut template used in 200m videos to create a before-and-after transition

"Everybody dance now": Cutouts of Steve Carell's character Michael Scott in the US version of The Office have been doing the rounds on TikTok – a CapCut template of him with a speaker over his head is particularly popular, with more than 1m uses including brands like British Airways, Emirates, ODEON Cinemas and Flying Tiger Copenhagen

"If I had to speak about love, I'd tell them about us": Relatable sound has been used in 400k TikToks, with people posting about people and products they love – including brands like Duolingo and celebrities like Demi Lovato

30-second trailer: Half a million uses of CapCut template where you insert a series of clips showing what someone is really like, often revealing their silly or playful side, soundtracked with a version of Candy by Robbie Williams

Jasper the Doll: Little Barbie doll character with a distinctive raspy voice and Joker-style make-up is growing a big following with their videos acting out everyday scenarios and covering pop songs – find out more about how the Jasper trend has taken off this spring

TikTok trends March 2023:

Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich: #PedroPascal hits six billion views as people continue to share funny and relatable memes featuring the actor, including more than 500,000 people taking a cutout of him eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in an episode of LADbible's Snack Wars to joke about scenarios where they're sitting alone, doing something mindlessly and appearing to be lost in their own world – learn more about the trend

"John Pork is calling": Big new meme where people pretend an anthropomorphic pig called John Pork is calling their phone – read more

Dancers Generator: Hundreds of thousands of people using new TikTok effect to turn everyday objects like tubes of Pringles or bottles of Prime, their pets, celebrities and favourite characters into little dancing characters

Bottle flip food challenge: TikTokers teaming up with partners, friends and relatives to take turns eating meals depending on who flips a plastic bottle and gets it to land upright – 34 million views on this version from "the GOAT couple" @gnb.official (8.9m followers)

"Just letting everyone know that ...": More than 1 million people including well-known influencers, celebrities, brands and sports clubs using a spinny CapCut template with sparkles and firework effects to jokingly share bad news or statements about mundane things they're doing – soundtracked with Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max or Happy with You

Fruit Roll-Ups and ice cream: American TikToker @golisdream's "sweet guilty pleasure" snack is scoops of ice cream inside Roll-Ups, which go hard and crunchy with the coldness of the ice cream – her original video has 13 million views and other influencers including @_angelomarasigan, @joshhallan, @francescafarago and @gracebooth97 are now trying it

Odd one out: Thousands of videos lining up toy Easter chicks and asking viewers to guess which one's done something stupid "without permission" – this video asking "who got their hair cut without permission?", revealing a chick shorn of all its feathers, is one of the biggest with 20 million views. Read more about how the trend took off.

"Do you or do you not feel bonita?": Sound from Family Guy takes off as big TikTok trend with people joking about dressing up their partners, relatives and pets and showing how unamused they are – take a look at some examples in this box from our Buzz service.

Maxwell In The Sky: TikTok effect inspired by popular spinning cat meme is attracting the attention of lots of major brands, showing Maxwell appearing from behind their stores, buildings and landmarks – boosting the #maxwellthecat hashtag to 500 million views

How many of these TikTok trends do you recognise?

You're not alone if you don't recognise most of these recent TikTok trends. A survey of TikTokers by YouGov found many of the recent big TikTok trends were recognised by less than a third of British users, with awareness falling away to less than 10% outside the Top 20 trends.

The survey results showed it's even more of a problem if you're aged over 35 and you want to see some of the things younger TikTokers are seeing and doing.

Shooglebox can help you with tools and techniques to turn your team into super-spotters finding and sharing a much broader range of the things bubbling up on TikTok. One of those is Buzz – a service used by journalists, creators, brands and businesses who need to spot, understand and respond to the latest trends.

Buzz is a constantly updated box of cards showing at a glance, explaining and linking to trending TikTok videos, sounds, songs and other things starting to take off. Read more here.

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