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What people are saying about Shooglebox

A myriad of potential uses

I squirrel stuff away in Shooglebox as I stumble across it as it takes less than a second. Then when I've actually set time aside to work on the project I shuffle it around in Shooglebox to help me understand it. It has a myriad of potential uses – I use it for storing lots of research and ideas for both personal and work stuff. 

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce, PR Futurist

"I wouldn’t admit it to my clients, but I’m completely blind to most of the things I’ve been shown in Buzz today. Too much of what’s big on TikTok is just not getting on to my radar. We have several TikTok ‘specialists’ in the team – most of them in their early 20s – and they’re only surfacing a tiny fraction of the things I should be aware of."

Five stars

Absolutely brilliant

I have moved my writing planning, research, Dropbox home improvement instructions, recipes, and Evernote content to Shooglebox. This app has become essential for my work and play. Absolutely brilliant.

DokPretorius on the App Store

The tool I've been dreaming of ...

Shooglebox has changed the way I work and I love it. It might seem like hyperbole but it isn't: your app is the tool I've been dreaming of for planning writing projects, consolidating research, and pinning down the little bits of inspiration I get throughout a day.

Jimmy Frohman, Writer

Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple

Shooglebox is a really straightforward, multi-platform research tool.


Think of it as a scrapbook. If I’m researching for a post then any info I find on the web goes into its own dedicated box. Many a time I’ve stumbled on a topic of interest and created a new box based on that. Inside each box are cards, which I can edit in any way I like. These cards serve as index cards, with all the pertinent information highlighted as I need. If ever I’m stuck for ideas, I can be almost certain to find inspiration in Shooglebox.

– Craig McWha, writer

Five stars

Best research collection tool out there

I love Shooglebox. I think of it like Pinterest for reading lists, turning everything you save into a visual "bookshelf" of curated content that includes pdfs and documents as well as news articles and Wikipedia pages.

It's replaced my Apple reading list, Pocket and the MS Collections function on Chromium Edge. I love how quick it is to drag and drop stuff in – not just articles but documents – and that you can edit the content within the platform. It's revolutionised the way I do my research.

Digital Fortress UK, cyber security expert

“The thing that I really like about Shooglebox is how you can mix it all in together, so you don’t have to think is it a picture or a text or a link? You can throw it all in there! I love how you can drop things into boxes so you can have a lot of info but it’s not overwhelming when you look across everything at a glance … At the stage when you’re coming up with new ideas it has to be a bit messy.”

Alice Harman, children's author

Five stars

This is SUCH a good app

I love it! Everyone needs to know about Shooglebox.

Eleanora on Google Play

OMG where have you been???????
This is fantastic!!!!!

I signed up initially for a place to keep and view a series of interviews by industry experts. Before that I was either going to flag them in my emails or move the links to one card on Trello. And then I found you!!!!!!! Being able to edit the picture in front allows me to personalize each interview session. Thank you!!!

Anthony Scialis, Content Writer for Social Media

A neat way of seeing a big picture, made up of tiny ones, at a glance

I have three major projects on the go currently. I'm constantly changing from one to the other, and before I realise it there are new threads to each of the projects. I've been used to doing mindmaps but this is a neat way of seeing a big picture, made up of tiny ones, at a glance. I've shared a read-only version of my first box with one friend. I'd previously asked him to give me a few sentences about his current projects. Nothing. Then I sent him the read-only Shooglebox set of cards. Almost immediately I received the info from him that I'd been asking for, and in short bullet points ... perfect.

– Monica Weller, author

Five stars

My Evernote Gets a Buddy

In the past few years, my go-to app for saving bits of information was Evernote. I’m now categorizing my notes as critical/long term (documents I need, quotes for future writing, etc.) and current (flowers I might want to plant, stocks to watch, recipes to try). I use Evernote for the former category and Shooglebox for the latter. This strategy is working for me. I definitely recommend trying this app.

– Pat Conwell on the App Store

I bloody love Shooglebox

I bloody love Shooglebox! I started using it six months ago when I was researching my non-fiction book. It's transformed the way I work. I always recommend it to anyone doing lots of research.

– Toni Hargis, Author

Toni Summers Hargis with book.jpg

"What's been good about Shooglebox is that it is so visual - I don't have to convince the client. I can almost put the pictures up and they see it firsthand."

Deep Blue Thinking

– Nick Bonney, Deep Blue Thinking

A vital tool in a crazy world

For a couple of years now, I’ve been increasingly saving articles and social media posts which relate to subjects I am either very interested in, or extremely concerned about. I needed to build up repositories of good information and analysis to be able to improve my ability to tell good from bad, and rebuff and debunk the lies and misinformation online, and unfortunately nowadays increasingly in the public domain and originating from governments and politicians. Shooglebox has become an absolutely vital tool for me in today's crazy world.

– Mike Ball

Don't you wish your research was hot like mine ♨️♨️♨️ 

Shooglebox is the pretty way to keep all your research info organised. I think I once described Shooglebox as “like Swpely, only prettier”. Previously, I had described Swpely as “like Pinterest – but with stuff you actually want” – so Shooglebox is a culmination of the two things. I love it – couldn’t live without it now.

Paul Smart, copywriter

Five stars

My sounding board

Shooglebox is actually helping me to shape my business. It’s grown from being a simple repository of inspiration to somewhere I place ideas, hopes and visions and give them room to grow; it’s become more like my sounding board, helping me to make sense of it all and stay focused.

Liz, B.Wellness

Great app for historians, teachers and students

I'm usually fairly restrained when it comes to apps. This is possibly because – like, I suspect, many historians, I occasionally harbour an inner Luddite. I'm not always convinced that some of the latest technology is better than what it seeks to replace. However, along comes Shooglebox and I rather think I'm about to change my mind. In fact, I already have … 

It is very intuitive and user-friendly. It's not entirely dissimilar to Pinterest in that you can save images and links in categories but it offers a lot more flexibility. I like being able to add and change images on the front of each card as it makes them really easy to organise. As well as this – and this is the genius bit – you can easily edit and annotate the cards and allocate different editing permissions for collaborative work.

I can see it being particularly useful for A Level and IB students when organising and categorising their research and notes for the coursework elements of their examinations. From a teacher's perspective, Shooglebox is not only great for collating your own work, lesson plans, resources etc but could also be used to store and share differentiated tasks and activities with differing editing permissions among a class.

I think I'm going to be spending my life on Shooglebox now!

►  Blog: Shooglebox – Why I'm a big fan

Lisa Quigley, history teacher

Five stars

App I never knew I needed

I used to bury stuff all over my phone, laptop and tablet and where were they when I needed them..? I had no idea usually! All webpages, pictures, Instagram links and the likes that I want to remember/archive now all go into Shooglebox in useful boxes by subject. Just brilliant!

Andrew Cartledge

Five stars

Try it ... you'll like it

An excellent new collection app: Sort of like Pinterest, but more personalized and without the obnoxious ads! Looking forward to using Shooglebox a lot in the future to get my screenshots, webpages and other ideas organized. Try it ... you’ll like it!

BAR112 on the App Store 

Five stars

Very happy with this app :)

Ive finally found something to organize all my recipies I saved on tiktok!! Very happy with this app :)

Bev Bro on Google Play

As a Lifestyle Features Writer I am constantly coming across products and content I can potentially use in future … but I still need to finish an existing deadline first. Instead of having lots of tabs open all week, now I store pages and links for our relevant lifestyle sections on my Shooglebox cards and come back to them when I am ready to work on the content.

– Jo Hanby, Lifestyle Features Writer

`justine Wyness

Starts off useful, ends up indispensable.

A great tool for saving all your ‘stuff’ - I’ve got boxes for mood-boarding with clients; stacks of cards with tasks on; a box for my next travel trip with stacks for restaurant suggestions, day trips, photos of places I want to visit, some Spanish language flash cards; a recipe box with photos of my attempts...

You can literally curate content from anywhere, drag & drop pdfs or photos, drag web links, spreadsheets, budgets, link to any google doc from anywhere. It's like Pinterest meets Instapaper with a whole bunch of clever features thrown in for good measure.

Justine Wyness

Digital Business Specialist

Try it out for yourself

Or get in touch here if you'd like to find out more, ask any questions or book a free demo. Our team can take you through some of the best ways to get the most out of Shooglebox. We'd love to hear from you!

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