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Stay ahead of TikTok trends and capture social insights

Buzz from Shooglebox is helping major UK brands spot, understand and quickly respond to emerging TikTok trends – and tap into what their customers are seeing, saying and doing on social media

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Get Buzz from Shooglebox

  • Put listening at the heart of your social media strategy

  • Get ahead of the curve on latest trends and talking points

  • Understand what your customers are getting excited about

  • Unlock actionable insights from what's buzzing on TikTok

  • Empower your team with the right tools and techniques

 A three-week head start on your competitors

Buzz alerts subscribers to emerging TikTok trends and big talking points three weeks (on average) before they hit peak interest. It helps brands and their agencies move fast to reflect relevant trends and themes in their own marketing and communication – and gives them a growing resource of visual inspiration and customer insights to feed into future product and service plans.


Buzz surfaces and tracks more than 100 new trends every month – take a look back at just a few of the big TikTok trends in recent months. And see the analysis showing how Buzz alerts brands to emerging trends ahead of their rivals and weeks before they hit their peak, according to TikTok Creative Center.


Subscribe to Buzz and get ...

A live at-a-glance view of trending topics, themes and viral TikToks taking off every day

Buzz from Shooglebox

Background context and examples of how top creators and other brands are jumping on trends

More details on the back of a card in Shooglebox

Regular reports and updates direct to your inbox alerting you to things you don’t want to miss

A box of talking points on Shooglebox

Shooglebox Pro features for building on things you spot in Buzz and gathering your own insights

Buzz email newsletter

Tools and techniques to create great-looking outputs to share with others

The Drum logo

The Drum has partnered with Shooglebox to use our Buzz service for its major new Tik-Talks series analysing big social media trends ... like looking for a man in finance.

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Savvy brands are readjusting their approach to TikTok and social media – prioritising listening and learning over pushing their own messages

Browse Buzz

Spot new trends, topics and viral posts as they emerge on TikTok and social media in a live, constantly updated box of at-a-glance cards

Get context

Turn over cards to watch videos, see post embeds and read full background context to help you quickly understand how people are responding to new trends

Gather insights

Copy cards from Buzz to boxes of your own and build on them, using Shooglebox to gather more insights and material relevant to your own brand

Add and explore

Save things you spot in your own For You Pages or social feeds and explore what you’ve found to feed into idea generation and decision-making

Share outputs

Create read-only versions of your boxes to share with others in your organisation and bring your ideas, research and insights to life


How Asda's PR and marketing teams use Shooglebox and Buzz

The PR and marketing teams at UK supermarket giant Asda use Shooglebox to keep on top of what people are saying, seeing and doing on social media. It’s become central to the way they quickly spot emerging opportunities and anticipate, analyse and respond to fast-moving issues.


Buzz gives Asda early insights into new trends and viral posts on TikTok and social networks, with all the context needed to help inform decision-making and idea generation. And the Asda teams use Shooglebox to gather and explore lots more talking points, posts and conversations to spot opportunities for tactical marketing activity, proactive storytelling and amplifying positive advocacy. Get in touch today to find out more.

Get Buzz from Shooglebox

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