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Shooglebox core features

Gather and save all sorts of material

A really quick and easy way to collect, store and curate information from multiple sources and platforms – web pages, social media posts, videos, photos, notes, book extracts, PDFs and other documents. There are free and Pro versions of Shooglebox – find out more.

Boxes of cards for different projects

All the things you put into Shooglebox are turned into cards with an at-a-glance front and full material on the back. Your cards are kept in boxes – as many boxes as you need for your different projects or interests.

Visual grid layout to review and explore

The card-based grid layout makes it easy and fun to stand back and review everything you’ve collected – more inspiring than hunting through textual lists, feeds or document folders. It’s like having all your information at your fingertips on a big visual bookshelf.

Declutter your mind – and your browser

Use Shooglebox as a memory box and the more you put into it the more it behaves like a second brain, throwing up quick visual cues or links between things you might otherwise overlook. And use it to declutter your digital life too – replacing traditional bookmarks or loads of tabs open in your web browser. 

Build on the things you're discovering

Add your own information and notes to the backs of cards – editing the material Shooglebox automatically brings in and adding your own text and images. Your boxes of cards can end up containing a wealth of knowledge behind them.

Spot and highlight connections

Stack cards, add links between related cards, sticker or colour them to highlight themes, or shuffle them up to see if a different order sparks a surprise or an unexpected insight. Stack, colour, sticker and shuffle requires Shooglebox Pro.

Share a box with someone else

Share a box of cards and invite others to collaborate with you – or send someone a link to a private box of things they can read and watch. If you're using Shooglebox for work find out about the benefits of a team account.

Capture things on your mobile device

The Shooglebox app for Apple and Android devices makes it easy to save things whenever and wherever you come across them. Use "share to Shooglebox" for things you don't have time to read or watch when you first spot them. Or take a photo of that scribbled note you want to save somewhere safe. 

Shooglebox on different devices

Try it out for yourself

There are free and Pro versions of Shooglebox. We also offer team plans – find out more here.

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