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Creating your first box of cards

Watch our quick video guide to see how to create your first box and start saving web links, social media posts, photos, videos, notes, book extracts, PDFs, documents or whatever else you want to squirrel away.

If you're using the Shooglebox app then click here to see how to get started.

Create a box and give it a name

Start by creating your first box: give it a name and upload a nice cover photo if you have one. You can create as many boxes as you need for different projects or interests. Everything you add to a box is turned into a card.

Save web and social media links

Gather and save links to web pages and public posts on social media networks. Each link creates a card with an embed on the back – eg a playable YouTube video – that links to the original source.

Upload your own photos and videos

Add your own photos or videos by dragging from your desktop, uploading from a folder, saving from your phone's photo album, or straight from the camera when you take a new photo.

Save files and documents

You can upload all sorts of file types to Shooglebox and edit the card fronts to make them more visually appealing. The back of the card contains a preview and you can download the original.

Add extra information and notes

Edit the front and back of cards to build on the material you've saved – adding extra information, links or images, and altering layout and formatting.

Rearrange your cards

Cards are displayed in a visual grid. As you're gathering the contents of your box you can move cards around until they're laid out as you like them – or use Shuffle to see different random orders.

Explore the things you've collected

Once you've squirrelled away lots of things you can start adding links between related cards, highlight cards with colours or stickers, or move or copy them into stacks or different boxes.

Share your box with someone else

If you've got a box of cards you'd like to share with someone else you can send them a read-only link. Or invite them to sign up for Shooglebox if you'd like to collaborate on a box together.

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