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Shooglebox for teams

Harness your team's collective curiosity

A Shooglebox team account can transform the way your people work together to find and explore information and insights that drive better ideas, decisions and outputs.

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Getting the best out of Shooglebox for teams

There are some surefire techniques for using Shooglebox as a team to gather and explore things in a way that transforms creative thinking and decision making.

Read our step-by-step guide to the process: from assembling a team of “spotters” that avoids group think to developing your strongest “synthesisers” adept at finding  connections, identifying key insights, and understanding  wider context.

Gather material collaboratively

Combine your team's detective skills and avoid settling for the obvious answers when you're trying to wrap your heads round a new topic, issue or opportunity.

Visualise all your research material

"I see what you mean" – Shooglebox is a fast way to assemble research, visual stimulus or early rough workings in an at-a-glance way to share or use on Zoom and Team calls.

Stay creative when working remotely

Group brainstorms are hard when your team is remote working. The key is the quality of the preparatory work your team does in sharing research and insights ahead of an ideas session.

Share your findings with others

When one team member leads initial research work, Shooglebox helps them lay out their early findings in a way that inspires others to "think out loud" and build on them.

A secure workspace just for your team

A dedicated workspace gives your team access to all the information they need and a single place to share material and collaborate together.

Easy to manage and control access

Team workspace admins can add and remove team members, as well as control who can access each box and at what level – owner, editor, read-only or no access.

Shooglebox for PR and Corporate Affairs Teams

Shooglebox is helping PR and corporate affairs teams anticipate, understand and navigate fast-moving issues on social media that have the potential to cause serious reputational damage.

It's a really good example of the way Shooglebox lets a team harness their combined experience, knowledge and curiosity to quickly get their heads round a topic and come up with better ideas and decisions.

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Haystack Consulting

Shooglebox for teams: "Fantastic for remote collaboration and brainstorming" 

Stuart Bruce

PR Futurist

        hooglebox helps your team gather, explore and build on information in a way that harnesses your collective curiosity and experience – to quickly get your heads round topics and come up with better ideas and decisions. ​It’s a great tool for individual research and curation but it really comes into its own when you use it collaboratively with others.

​It lets you work together to find and pool information from all sorts of different sources and platforms – and review it all side by side in a visual at-a-glance grid. It’s for teams, organisations and businesses who recognise the need for real detective work and ways to surprise each other – digging deeper, going beyond the quick Google search, the obvious answers, the


same old ideas … to uncover things others miss. 

A Shooglebox team account gives you a shared space where you can get the benefit of different people’s perspectives and brains to jointly assemble and explore facts, knowledge and inspiration. It helps everyone share and visualise things that would otherwise be hidden in different silos. And teams are finding it invaluable when they’re working remotely – a way not just to share task or project-based information but to spark the kind of serendipitous information discovery that drives innovative thinking. It’s for teams who are judged by the quality of their ideas and decisions, their creativity, their ability to be fleet of foot. Oh, and it’s fun to use together too!

Team account features include:

Dedicated team workspace

Global access control for team members

Centralised management of team workspace roles and logo branding

Advanced permissions and sharing options 

Share boxes with the entire team, sub-teams or individual members

Up to 75GB storage for each team member

All Pro features for every team member

Share Live Feeds with the whole team

Priority help and support

Priority access to new bespoke team features

Regular team case studies, advice and feature tips

How can we help?

Shooglebox is a really simple yet powerful tool in the hands of a team that know how to use their collective curiosity to dig deeper and uncover the things other teams miss.

Get in touch today to talk to us about your own team and how we can help. We don’t just give you a bit of software and walk away. We regularly run free webinars to help you get the most out of Shooglebox features and team workspaces –   hosted by one of our product or team working specialists.

We also offer bespoke onboarding – with training and advice tailored to your team size, culture and planned usage.

Connect your favourite

tools and apps

Shooglebox is designed to work alongside the tools and platforms you already use. Team account users get access to bespoke team integrations. 

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