Shooglebox for teams

Shooglebox Team accounts make it easier to collaborate, update and share insights and information with your team – whether it’s specific projects or the things you do together day to day.

A team account gives members access to all the features available with a Shooglebox personal account plus a dedicated team workspace.

Benefits of a Shooglebox team account include:

✓      Dedicated team workspace

✓      Global access control for team members

      Centralised management of team workspace roles and logo branding

      Advanced permissions and sharing options 

      Share boxes with the entire team, sub-teams or individual members

      Up to 75GB storage for each team member

      Share Live Feeds with the whole team

      Priority help and support

      Priority access to new bespoke team features 

      Regular team case studies, advice and feature tips

Free personal account for team members

Everyone you invite to a Team account will also get a free Shooglebox Pro personal account.

The best ideas often come when people spot, read or come across something in their personal lives that sparks an unexpected connection with something they’re thinking about at work.

By encouraging team members to use Shooglebox in a personal capacity, as well as at work, you’re encouraging the kind of broad-based curiosity that’s at the heart of true creativity.

It’s super easy to move or copy cards between Personal and Team workspaces – so something that starts as a personal interest can quickly be turned into a team project. 

If you’d like to set up a Shooglebox Team account – from as little as £50/month for up to five people – please fill in the form below and we'll get back to you asap.

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