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Helping teams spot and act on opportunities and issues 

Shooglebox is transforming the way marketing and PR teams gather, explore and collaborate on content from social media to tap into customer insights and drive faster and better decision-making

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Using Shooglebox to collate talking points about a brand

Empower your people with Shooglebox for Teams

The disruption caused by the explosive growth and fragmentation of social media and platforms like TikTok has created enormous challenges for brands’ marketing and PR teams. They are seeking better and faster ways to spot and act on emerging trends and the things their customers are saying, seeing and getting excited about.

Shooglebox helps teams quickly capture, understand and build  on content and insights from multiple sources – TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, X, websites, videos, podcasts, documents and more. Inhouse teams describe it as a “game-changer”. And it empowers agency teams with the tools to create impressive insights reports, trend analysis, social snapshots and other inspiring visual outputs to drive decision-making around clients’ plans, opportunities and issues.

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Marketing and PR teams use Shooglebox and our Buzz service to spot and act on fast-moving trends, opportunities and issues on social media and TikTok

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Live feeds

Configured to capture social content and conversations relevant to your brand 

Collaboration tools

Designed to help teams gather and explore insights that are harder to find


Live service alerting brands and their agencies to 100+ emerging TikTok and social trends every month

Shareable outputs

Curate material from multiple sources into inspiring at-a-glance outputs


Secure workspace

Flexibility and control around who can access  and work on different material

Track social media accounts, keywords and topics in a way that’s easy to explore at-a-glance and build on.

Shooglebox Live Feeds

Gather material together faster

Work together to pool information quickly from different sources – saving links to web pages, social media posts and conversations. Discover the power of a team of diverse thinkers  applying their curiosity to root out information and insights others miss.

Add context and thoughts

Everything you save is represented by a card with an at-a-glance front and full material on the back where team members can add notes and background information. You can create cards from scratch too – capturing some thoughts or a topic to come back to.

Set up live auto feeds

Keyword driven live feeds of social posts and web articles automatically create stacks of cards you can dip into as a start point for further investigation. These are useful when you know the keywords you want to look out for or the type of people to keep an eye on.

Explore as a team

Review everything you’re gathering in an at-a-glance visual grid view that helps you spot insights, connections and gaps for more exploration. It’s like having a wall where you’re able to stick up cuttings, printouts and Post-It notes, then stand back to sort and make sense of it all.

Get everyone's heads together

Shooglebox works well with remote working tools like Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams. An example: When you jump on a Zoom call to review the issue you’re researching one member of the team can share their screen, pull up Shooglebox and use it as everyone talks about the key things they’ve found.

Visual outputs to share and impress

Whatever your final output – a report, an email, a slide deck – you can share a link to a read-only interactive at-a-glance view of the material that supports it. It’s a powerful way to impress your boss or clients with the depth and quality of your research and thinking.

Build a treasure trove of insights

Over time the material your team gathers and analyses in Shooglebox becomes an incredible searchable treasure trove of consumer insight that can inspire future product and marketing innovation. It also helps preserve and grow corporate memory to improve decision making and problem solving.


How Asda use Shooglebox to explore and act on opportunities and issues

UK supermarket giant Asda use Shooglebox to manage proactive and reactive PR and corporate communication – and to gather realtime insights from social media and TikTok to feed in to marketing plans, tactical PR decisions, and social media strategy. The visual nature of Shooglebox – at-a-glance stacks of cards with full context and links on the back – makes it easy for different teams in Asda to share, inform and inspire each other with material gathered from a huge range of sources.

Shooglebox has become central to the way the Asda PR team anticipate, analyse and act on emerging opportunities and issues. And it helps teams across Asda quickly spot and understand the latest trends and talking points their customers are getting excited about on TikTok and other online channels.

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