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Save time with automated Live Feeds

Shooglebox Live Feeds are used by brands’ marketing and PR teams – or their agencies – to track social media accounts, keywords and topics relevant to their current interests or issues in a way that’s easy to explore at-a-glance and build on.

Live Feeds pull in content from sources including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Threads, YouTube, Reddit and RSS feeds – and automatically create cards with links and embeds to the original source.

Automated Live Feeds from Shooglebox

The beauty of Shooglebox is the ease with which teams can combine content and conversations picked up by live feeds with additional material they gather themselves. It's the combination of machine and human intelligence that’s key to finding, capturing and reviewing the broader range of vital material unavailable to automated listening tools.

Shooglebox uses a flexible open systems integration model to maximise the variety, quality and reliability of multiple integration partners, real-time feeds, and direct social network connections.

Automated Live Feeds from Shooglebox

Our team works with you to set up Live Feeds using customised search criteria that allows Shooglebox to work around the clock on your behalf. The feeds populate as many boxes or stacks as you need – creating visual grids ready for you to review, add to, and share.

They can help you:

  • Gather ideas and inspiration from a collection of social media accounts and hashtags

  • Keep a close eye on competitor posts

  • Track mentions, topics or accounts related to a current issue

  • Spot opportunities and trends by monitoring key influencers, creators and opinion formers

  • Pull together positive conversations about your brand from across multiple social networks

Get in touch to explore the possibilities with our Live Feeds team.

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