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How Shooglebox is helping major brands' marketing and PR teams

Shooglebox helps marketing and PR teams gather, explore and collaborate on content from social and online media to tap into customer insights and drive faster and better decision-making.

It gives agency or inhouse teams powerful tools, techniques and live feeds to capture, understand and act on emerging trends and the things people are seeing, saying and doing on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Threads and X.

Shooglebox for Teams

The Shooglebox for Teams suite of tools and services has been designed to address some huge challenges facing brands and their agencies:

Social media becoming increasingly complex and fragmented

  • Existing listening tools pick up only a fraction of the things brands’ customers are saying and doing across social networks

TikTok disrupting existing models and driving hard-to-track trends

  • It’s people not brands who set the trends and influence other people’s behaviours and purchasing decisions

Reach and influence of traditional news media in dramatic decline

  • People getting news and forming opinions via social media, closed networks and platforms like TikTok

Growing epidemic of misinformation and disinformation

  • PR and communication teams need tools to help manage threats from social campaigners, viral content and generative AI

Jacket Potato Tok on Shooglebox

Inhouse teams describe Shooglebox for Teams as a “game-changer”, helping them quickly get to the heart of conversations, issues and emerging trends – and come up with action plans and responses much faster than before.

And agency teams are using Shooglebox for Teams to create insights reports, trend analysis, social snapshots and other inspiring visual outputs to impress and share with clients and feed into their decision-making.

An example: UK supermarket giant Asda

Asda uses Shooglebox to manage proactive and reactive PR and corporate communication – and to gather realtime insights from social media and TikTok to feed in to marketing plans, tactical PR decisions, and social media strategy

Supermarket giant Asda use Shooglebox

Key features of Shooglebox for Teams:

Live automated feeds: Dynamically configured to capture social media and online mentions, keywords and topics relevant to your brand and current interests or issues


Collaborative gathering and exploration tools: Designed to help teams combine their detective skills and quickly add more material from social networks and elsewhere


Buzz: Live service helping brands spot and act on emerging TikTok trends three weeks and more before their competitors


At-a-glance visual interface: Inspiring ways to explore, review and build on the material gathered


Shareable outputs: Curating key material from multiple sources into impressive easy-to-scan read-only outputs – to share more widely and support proposals or reports

Get in touch today to book a call or demo so we can show you how Shooglebox can help your team.

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