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Get a three-week head start on new and emerging TikTok trends

Buzz from Shooglebox helps brands and their marketing agencies spot and act on new and emerging TikTok trends three weeks and more before their competitors.

Buzz subscribers are alerted to more than 100 new trends every month – with email updates, contextual summaries and a live at-a-glance view of the biggest themes and talking points.


It puts them ahead of the curve in understanding the different things their customers are getting excited about – and helps them quickly reflect relevant trends in their own marketing and communication.


TikTok’s own data demonstrates the power and value of the Buzz service. Analysis of big trends over the past year shows Buzz subscribers being alerted to them three weeks on average before they hit peak interest, and in many cases even earlier.

Get a three-week head start on TikTok trends with Buzz from Shooglebox

The graph above shows one example – how Buzz alerted subscribers to the emerging Girl Dinner trend on July 3, more than three weeks before it hit peak interest at the end of the month, according to TikTok Creative Center. TikTok named Girl Dinner the top trend of 2023 in its Year on TikTok 2023 round-up of the year's biggest trends, videos and songs.

The #GirlDinner hashtag has gone on to hit more than 2.5 billion views, with brands like Kraft and Vimto among those joining in. Though it peaked in summer, the Girl Dinner trend had a long shelf life and continued all the way through to Halloween, with one "spooky girl dinner" charcuterie board racking up 18 million views and 2 million likes in October.

Here's another example – the emergence of a TikTok trend around Boo baskets in the run-up to Halloween, with people sharing the baskets of goodies they'd put together for their partners, children and pets. Boo baskets were first featured in Buzz in mid-September but awareness and interest in the hashtag didn't peak until the second half of October.

Interest in #BooBasket over time

Buzz subscribers have also been tracking the evolution of Boo Baskets into a version for Christmas – Jingle Baskets.

For big consumer brands' marketing and communication teams it's not just about being fast to jump on trends with TikToks of your own. Yes, that can work for some brands.

"Tube Girl" Sabrina Bahsoon caught the attention of celebrities and influencers like Charli D'Amelio, Nick Grimshaw and Alan Carr as well as brands like British Airways, Co-op and Formula 1 all trying to recreate her confident way of dancing on the London Underground.


The Tube Girl trend was first highlighted in a Buzz newsletter in early September and was tracked over the following two months as #TubeGirl racked up more than 1.5 billion views. Fashion brand Boss got 200 million views and three million likes across two videos they filmed with Bahsoon at Milan Fashion Week – with viewers praising their "real time marketing".

But the real power of being quick to spot and understand TikTok and social trends is often in bigger opportunities to reflect them in wider online and offline activity that demonstrates to your customers that you're tapped in to the things they're excited about.

It can be as simple as moving fast to add "As seen on TikTok" messages to products – like Lindt stores picking up on a DIY advent calendar trend.

Customise your advent calendar inside Lindt store in Leeds – As seen on TikTok

Buzz uses a combination of smart AI tech and even smarter human detective work and analysis to quickly spot trends, highlight relevant examples and provide the context brands need for insights and opportunities. Even memes that seem a bit bizarre and quirky at first can help brands reach new audiences. The "We live, we love, we lie" Smurf Cat memes brought out the creative side and fun personality of brands like Drumstick, Specsavers and Lynx, and sports clubs like Real Madrid.

CapCut tempates flagged in Buzz are also giving brands a really quick and fun way to be creative, like the listening dog template used by the likes of Netflix, Aldi, Lidl and Nando's.

The value of Buzz is not just in being alerted to trends as they start to emerge. It means that over time brands can build a treasure trove of consumer insight that can influence future product and service innovation and reshape merchandising decisions and retail media activations.

An enterprise version of Shooglebox designed for larger agencies and organisations has additional features and capability including shared workspaces, empowering multiple users across an organisation to build on early spotted trends and curate bespoke insights for their own brands or clients. Talk to our team today to find out how Buzz and Shooglebox can help your brand or agency.

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