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'Omg there's a LemonTok? I need all of it' – lemon baking recipes trend on TikTok

There's a big baking trend for lemon-based recipes on TikTok, with videos for lemon cakes, cookies and cheesecakes all racking up the views and a passionate LemonTok community emerging.

A box of cards on Shooglebox showing trending lemon recipes from TikTok
Lemon recipes TikTok trend

Accounts like @theloopywhisk (634,000 followers) and (185,000 followers) are at the centre of the trend, posting lots of recipes and getting great comments from people who are delighted to have "made it to LemonTok".

Some of the @loopywhisk account's most-popular lemon recipes are getting millions of views, like this lemon cookies TikTok "that started my lemon obsession" (3.4 million views):

Other successful lemon TikToks from the account include a recipe for lemon curd cake (2.6m views), lemon curd (2.4 million views) and this gluten free lemon curd cookies recipe (13 million views):

The account's TikToks have quickly gathered a passionate audience of fans who are delighted to see the recipes, say they feel part of a community, and are engaging with the videos in the hope of seeing more of them on their For Your page.

Typical comments: "I MADE IT TO LEMONTOK!!!!!", "So this is my life now? I’m stuck on lemontok and I like it here", "Omg there's a lemontok? I need all of it. All of it", "I had no idea lemontok was a thing but I’m so here for it!!!!!", "I love lemon TikTok", "Commenting to stay on Lemontok!", and "I never knew I needed lemontok but I'm here for it! 🥰".

And videos from are going down a treat too – like her version of lemon crinkle cookies, below, which has had 825,000 views), lemon curd (350,000 views) and no-bake lemon cheesecake (280,000 views). Typical comments: "As a lemon fan I feel appreciated and heard" and "I never thought id find someone else that shares my obsession for Lemon desserts. 🍋"

The LemonTok trend has really taken off throughout April and May 2023, with 45 million views on the hashtag #lemontok – mostly in the last few weeks – as well as 113 million views of #lemoncurd and more than 50 million views of #lemoncookies.

Other people joining the lemon trend include @thepalatablelife, who says her lemon, raspberry and white chocolate cookies are "the cookie of the summer":

Her video's had 1.6 million views. Other popular lemon recipes include @monicas.macs with a lemon loaf recipe (885,000 views) and @homemeide, below, with a video for lemon brownies (12.6 million views).

Lemon desserts are also proving popular this spring. Examples of TikToks getting a big response include @diegoalary with a recipe for lemon crème brûlée (3.7 million views), @nurhkasim whose lemon posset TikTok has had 7.4 million views in four days and lemon tiramisu recipes from @thefoodiehaul (7.3 million views) and @happy_tummy702, whose TikTok, below, had been watched nearly 19m times:


Spotting TikTok trends

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A box of lemon recipe cards in Shooglebox

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