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Photogenic Challenge TikTok trend applying CapCut template to a random video

Posted on 26th May 2023

Millions of people on TikTok have been joining in a challenge to see how "photogenic" they are using a CapCut template that generates a series of black-and-white freeze frames from a random video they upload.

Photogenic Challenge TikTok trend – "Using a random video on this template to see if I'm photogenic" – example cards on Buzz from Shooglebox

The CapCut template has been used by 24 million people and counting, with most videos appearing over the last week.

Many of the big videos are captioned along the lines of "Using a random video on this template to see if I'm photogenic" and soundtracked with this snippet of Taylor Swift's Cardigan from her album Folklore, which has been used in more than 200,000 TikToks. Popular hashtags people are using include #PhotogenicChallenge, which has featured on other trends before, and #VideoAleatorio ("random video").

One of the viral videos on the trend has come from @im.jassy who's got more than 16 million views and 2.4 million likes in a week. Some commenters are saying the freeze frames remind them of singers like Sabrina Carpenter, Miley Cyrus and Lauren Jauregui.

Some people find the trend "humbling" as the freeze frames they're getting aren't what they'd consider "attractive", like @tiffybell who applied the template to a clip of her drinking wine in a restaurant and has "never felt so humbled" (14.5 million views).

Other popular videos on the trend have included @livingwithliza where commenters say "You are SO photogenic" (8.3 million views), @decembrieintai using a video of her blowing out a candle on a cupcake (4.3 million views) and @kateaustin_ testing how photogenic her wedding photos and videos are (4.2 million views).

A couple of brands have started picking up on the trend, including Mercedes-AMG F1 with a clip of British racing driver George Russell "looking good in noir"; and easyJet showing "airside perfection" with a video of one of their orange and white A320 aircrafts.

Although the videos you upload are meant to be random, some people are clearly cheating and posing for photos so they look more photogenic. Influencer Brooke Monk (28.5 million followers) has parodied some of the "fake" videos she's seen, smiling and blowing kisses at the camera and posing with a "peace" sign. She's had 10 million views and 1.6 million likes. A similar parody comes from @kcreietin (3.5 million views).

Spotting TikTok trends

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Photogenic Challenge TikTok trend – "Using a random video on this template to see if I'm photogenic" – example cards on Buzz from Shooglebox

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