Buzz from Shooglebox: Spotting what's new on TikTok and social media

How do marketing and PR teams keep on top of all the fast-changing trends on TikTok and social media every day?

Buzz from Shooglebox is a brilliant resource for any team that needs to be on the front foot spotting what's new on TikTok and what's getting people excited and talking on social media.

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Teams with Buzz can dip in to the box at any time and see at-a-glance some of the latest TikToks, memes, videos and photos that are starting to drive interaction, conversation and sharing.

It provides instant creative fuel for everything from ideas for your own social content to discussions on what's grabbing your customers' attention today.

And it helps address one of the biggest challenges around the explosive growth of TikTok – the difficulty of quickly spotting the emerging and genuinely interesting trends among the sheer volume of new videos every day.

Latest trends on TikTok and social media

Tik-Tok's algorithm-driven For You Page is radically different for every user – showing content TikTok recommends for you instead of the kind of content your friends are seeing.


This makes it hard to get a broader sense of the things people are seeing beyond your own experience. Read more about the TikTok challenge.

Buzz surfaces a broader eclectic mix of some of the latest TikTok videos, sounds and emerging trends that you might otherwise miss until they appear days or weeks later in trending pages or mainstream news media.

Corn Kid: Spotting a TikTok trend on Shooglebox

"It's corn!" 🌽

See how Buzz helped brands be quick off the mark in understanding the Corn Kid trend on TikTok.

Buzz also sweeps up some of the things that are grabbing attention on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter and more – giving you a sort of one-stop shop for what's buzzing on social media today.

It's all presented in a visual grid layout that makes it quick and easy to scan – like seeing the big picture of the moment at-a-glance instead of scrolling through multiple feeds.

When you spot something of interest click on the card to turn it over and find a playable embed of the post, links to the original, and any context or background to explain why something is taking off or re-emerging.

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Buzz is curated by a team of spotters skilled in quickly analysing social media trends and drawn from different backgrounds, ages and interests to ensure a diverse mix of content is surfaced.

It means you'll always find a rich variety of potential jump-off points in the mix for you and your own team to do your own exploration and further investigation using a Shooglebox team account.

When you spot something in the Buzz box you want to save or discuss with others just copy the card or cards across to one of your own boxes.

Buzz from Shooglebox

Buzz is accessible 24/7 for your whole team to dip in and see the latest content when you want. And you'll get a regular email newsletter highlighting some of the new things in the box if you haven't had a chance to look in. If something catches your eye jump into the box to discover the context.

You'll find Buzz is fun and inspiring to use not just for spotting and understanding new trends but as a place to go to wake up your brain with a bit of random stimulus when you need it.

Getting the best out of Shooglebox for teams

There are some surefire techniques for using Shooglebox as a team to gather and explore things in a way that transforms creative thinking and decision making.

Read our step-by-step guide to the process: from assembling a team of “spotters” that avoids group think to developing your strongest “synthesisers” adept at finding  connections, identifying key insights, and understanding  wider context.