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Find latest TikTok trends and explore them with Buzz from Shooglebox

How do you keep on top of the latest TikTok trends and know what people are getting excited about and sharing on social media?

Buzz from Shooglebox is used by journalists, creators, brands and businesses who need to spot, understand and respond to the latest trends.

It's a constantly updated box of cards showing at a glance, explaining and linking to trending TikTok videos, sounds, songs and other things starting to take off. As a Buzz customer you also get regular updates direct to your inbox alerting you to some of the things you might otherwise miss or be late to the party.

Top TikTok trends right now

Teams with Buzz are among the first to know about big new TikTok trends like the "P for Papas, it's a Papa's Party" and "One, two, buckle my shoe" memes; Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich and Finn Wolfhard snapping CapCut templates; "acting like you're in a Wes Anderson film"; the Money Trees and This Year Blessing dance crazes; the photogenic challenge; an food hacks like upside down pastries, cottage cheese and smash burger tacos.

Buzz surfaces a constantly updated mix of some of the latest viral TikTok videos, new sounds and emerging TikTok trends that you might otherwise miss until they appear days or weeks later in trending pages or mainstream news media.


Take a look back at some of the big TikTok trends over the past few months.

Why most TikTokers are
missing the top trends

UK survey reveals how few of the
big trends most TikTok users see

The TikTok algorithm and the For You Page

One of the biggest challenges around the explosive growth of TikTok is the difficulty of quickly spotting the emerging and genuinely interesting trends among the sheer volume of new videos every day.


TikTok positions itself as an entertainment platform, rather than a social media platform, and its algorithm-driven For You Page is radically different for every user – showing content TikTok recommends for you instead of the kind of content your friends are seeing.

A new survey by YouGov has discovered just how few of the big TikTok trends most TikTok users see because of the way the algorithm works – and how difficult it is for older people to know what younger people are seeing and doing on the app.

The full results of the survey, commissioned by Shooglebox,  reveal how big a challenge it is for people whose job involves understanding latest trends and what’s motivating and exciting their audiences. Read more about the TikTok challenge.


Who uses Buzz from Shooglebox?

  • Journalists and creators use Buzz to make sure they're among the first to spot new TikTok trends

  • Marketing agencies and PR agencies use Buzz to convince their clients they've got their fingers on the TikTok pulse

  • UK brands and businesses – such as Asda and Pets at Home – use Buzz to understand what their TikTok-savvy customers are getting excited about

When Buzz was demonstrated at a digital industry event in October 2022 one marketing agency boss said: ”I wouldn’t admit it to my clients, but I’m completely blind to most of the things I’ve been shown today. Too much of what’s big on TikTok is just not getting on to my radar." PR and social media guru Dom Burch described the response in an article for the marketing magazine The Drum


Buzz customers say it provides fuel for everything from ideas for their own social content to insights, discussions and decisions about what's grabbing their customers' attention today.

The explosive growth and influence of TikTok

It's the rapid speed of TikTok's growth and popularity in the UK – particularly among teenagers and 20-somethings – that's driving the need for businesses, brands and news media to understand what's trending day to day and why.


Opinions about TikTok might range from loving it and wanting to embrace it to outright fear of the consequences of its influence ... but one thing's clear: there's no ignoring it. 


TikTok grew to a billion users worldwide at a faster rate than Facebook and Instagram – and TikTok users spend on average 97 minutes a day on the app.

One of the most surprising results of the YouGov survey for Shooglebox was TikTok being ranked top entertainment channel by British TikTok users, ahead of Netflix and with YouTube in third place. 

But it also revealed how the TikTok algorithm is creating new generational divides, with older users being served very few of the biggest TikTok trends that appear in younger users' For You Pages.

Buzz from Shooglebox showing the latest trends on TikTok and social media

How to beat the TikTok algorithm

The key to beating the TikTok algorithm is finding ways to see beyond the limited picture any individual – you or anyone else in your team or your agency – is getting from their own For You Page. 


Buzz is a great starting point for quickly getting a wider sense of some of the different things bubbling up on TikTok for different people – especially when you use it in combination with our tips and techniques for your own team to save and share the things they’re finding on TikTok using Shooglebox.

Buzz is curated by a team of spotters skilled in quickly analysing social media trends and drawn from different backgrounds, ages and interests to ensure a diverse mix of content is surfaced.

It means you'll always find a rich variety of potential jump-off points in the mix for you and your own team to do your own exploration and further investigation using a Shooglebox team account. Read more about using Shooglebox to crack complex team challenges

How to use Buzz from Shooglebox

Shooglebox users with a Buzz subscription have access to a constantly updated box with cards linking to latest trending TikTok videos and providing context to help you understand what's behind a new TikTok trend.

Buzz from Shooglebox showing Brookie and Jessie on TikTok trends

Buzz also sweeps up some of the things that are grabbing attention on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter and more – giving you a sort of one-stop shop for what's buzzing on social media today.

It's all presented in a visual grid layout that makes it quick and easy to scan – like seeing the big picture of the moment at-a-glance instead of scrolling through multiple feeds.


When you spot something in the Buzz box you want to save or discuss with others just copy the card or cards across to one of your own boxes in Shooglebox.

Buzz from Shooglebox showing the latest trends on TikTok and social media

Here’s an example of a Shooglebox workspace where a team has set up an Incoming box to copy across things they spot in Buzz and things they spot in their own For You Pages. They also have a Team Workings box for exploring and building on some of the things they find, and an Output box for assembling their curated and contextualised results outside the team. Read more about building a “spotting” workflow in Shooglebox.

How teams use Buzz from Shooglebox to find latest TikTok trends

Getting the best out of Shooglebox for teams

There are some surefire techniques for using Shooglebox as a team to gather and explore things in a way that transforms creative thinking and decision making.

Read our step-by-step guide to the process: from assembling a team of “spotters” that avoids group think to developing your strongest “synthesisers” adept at finding  connections, identifying key insights, and understanding  wider context.

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