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'Sometimes I'm Alone': song based on cat's melancholy miaow goes viral on TikTok

Cat-loving musician The Kiffness has scored a big hit by writing a song based on George the cat's melancholy miaow.

Sometimes I'm Alone singing cat TikTok trend – selection of cards on Shooglebox

George first found fame on social media in 2022 when his owners posted a video of his distinctive call on Instagram, asking: "Herro? Is anyone around? Am I alone?" The Reel got more than three million views.

It caught the eye of The Kiffness, who took the sound and interpreted as George saying "Sometimes I'm alone, sometimes I'm not, some... sometimes I'm alone, hello?"

He used it in this song, posted on TikTok, which has been viewed more than six million times and got nearly one million likes since it was posted on June 10:

And when it was shared by in the post below it really took off – with 26 million views and more than 3.5 million likes on their TikTok:

Lots of cat lovers are saying how emotional George's sad sound makes them – eg: "why am I crying 😢 😭", "THIS IS A MASTERPIECE" and "Why is this so beautiful though 🤣".

The sound's quickly taking off and more than 13,000 videos using different versions of the sound in recent days – many of them getting a big response.

Lots of pet owners are posting TikToks featuring cats looking like the lyrics are from their point of view – eg examples from @louisandmelo (1.1 million views), @derkatergarfield (1.2 million views, below) and @taniaplisak (300,000 views)

The Kiffness posted this TikTok saying that the track – called Sometimes I'm Alone (Lonely Cat) is now available on streaming platforms, like here on Spotify – getting six million views and more than one million likes on his TikTok video in just a couple of days:

Animation account @drawzillazzz created a video for the song – quickly getting more than seven million views and one million likes:

Musicians have been performing duets with the track, with more than 500 duets on this sound as people add layers of cello, saxaphone and violin.

A number of people have been posting about the effect the song has on them – like @z.vsx.angel – "no song can make me cry"– (1.2 million views) and this one from @live.laugh.olive explaining why it's banned from their car, below, which has had 2.3m views:

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Sometimes I'm Alone singing cat TikTok trend on Shooglebox

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