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"Do you or do you not feel bonita?" sound from Family Guy emerges as big new TikTok trend

Posted on 9th March 2023

A "Do you or do you not feel bonita?" sound from Family Guy has taken off as a big TikTok trend this month – with 150,000 videos using it so far and many getting millions of views.

It's from a 2018 episode, Dog Bites Bear, where Chris asks Brian the dog if he feels "beautiful" after dressing him in a traditional Mexican quinceañera dress.

Lots of people are lipsyncing to the different parts of the dialogue – often acting out funny scenarios where they've dressed up their partners, relatives or pets, who are not amused by how they've been made to look, using Brian's unenthusiastic response "I feel bonita".

"Do you or do you not feel bonita?" TikTok sound from Family Guy – example videos on Buzz from Shooglebox

The sound being used in most of the videos was posted by @the.cheese.mann on February 24 2023 on an animated TikTok that had 4.5m views.

The trend started to take off a week later – a version showing @jackonthefiredog in a firefighter's uniform racked up 18 million views and five million likes after being posted on March 3 and is currently the biggest video on the sound.

Other pet versions include @weeniecole showing her cat's reaction to her buying and dressing it in a little orange hat, @laurennlundd putting a sombrero on their rabbit, @smoldibs dressing their cat in "business attire", and a hognose snake video from @galaxyexotics.

In a similar way, people are imagining how parents feel when their kids play around styling and dressing them up in unusual outfits, including big influencers like @kallmekris, @theweisslife and @pinnuppixie.

Another approach has been people joking about roping their boyfriends into beauty sessions and pampering them ... and their boyfriends being less than impressed. Videos by @sloan.byrd, @krissieswanger and @ferofero show them arranging spa nights with their boyfriends and asking how "beautiful" they felt in their face masks; while @bilalahy shared a reaction to how he feels when his girlfriend puts make-up on him.

@raeoutofcowsplay has made her own version of the sound about how she doesn't feel "beautiful", saying: "Everyone on my For You page feels bonita. I don't feel bonita – I feel kind of tired and a little cranky."

Some people are using the sound to reenact the kinds of pep talks they have with their friends when they're insecure and are trying to make them feel better about themselves. Videos from @duhveena and @spillinthetee joked about "beating" their friends, like with a shoe or frying pan, if they don't realise how beautiful they look; and @kianadaliave tries to get her friend to embrace her natural curly hair.

Brands are starting to pick up on the trend too. Ryanair joked about their cabin crew greeting passengers boarding a 6am flight; Innocent drinks posted about one of their social media managers getting their unimpressed boss to dress up for a TikTok video; and Duolingo showed their green owl mascot Duo trying to uplift Lily, a character on their app, "after her 3rd breakdown of the week".

Spotting TikTok trends

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"Do you or do you not feel bonita?" TikTok sound from Family Guy – example videos on Buzz from Shooglebox

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