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"Just letting everyone know that": Spinny CapCut template TikTok trend takes off

Posted on 16th March 2023

TikTok influencers, celebrities, brands and sports clubs are among 800,000 plus people joining in with a TikTok trend that uses a spinny CapCut template to jokingly share bad news or statements about mundane things they're doing – often with the caption "Just letting everyone know that ...".

The trends uses the song Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max or a royalty-free Happy for You instrumental sound with a photo of yourself or an object that spins throughout with overlayed sparkles and firework-style effects.

"Just letting everyone know that" TikTok trend using spinny CapCut template – example videos on Buzz from Shooglebox

At first videos on the trend were quite dark, with people posting about being diagnosed with serious illnesses and conditions or upsetting events in their lives, like a break-up. American baseball player Lucas Gilbreath joined in the trend to announce he'd be getting "season ending surgery".

Others jumped on the trend in a more obviously jokey way – like influencer Trisha Paytas in a video saying "I had a salad today but the doctor said I'm still overweight".

As the trend grew, people started to share random statements about everyday things they're doing. One of the biggest videos on the trend, with 1.3 million likes, is from @whoismaroun "Just letting everyone know I have a doctor's appointment on Monday the 13th @ 11:30am so I will be busy at that time."

Some of the videos getting millions of views include @ethancullis_ letting people know he'll be free after he's been to Costco and dropped his groceries off at home; @fineprintjas deciding to pay with Apple Pay instead of her debit card at the local deli; and @wickedwhimz saying she'd be taking her salmon out of the freezer to defrost at 10:30am so it's ready for her evening meal.

Joe Jonas, from the Jonas Brothers, informed fans "I will be getting coffee around 7am in NYC most days this week so I'll probably be busy", while The Chainsmokers joked about being hungover after a night out.

Duolingo was among the first big brands to jump on the trend in a video of their green owl mascot spinning around with a caption joking "I clogged the toilet on the 3rd floor of the office".

Other brands joining in the fun include DHL in a video combining this trend with the viral capybara trend; Scrub Daddy, Costa Coffee, Drumstick, Pretty Little Thing, Teletubbies, Ubisoft, Formula 1 and Mercedes-AMG F1, along with several American sports clubs.

Spotting TikTok trends

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"Just letting everyone know that" TikTok trend using spinny CapCut template – example videos on Buzz from Shooglebox

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