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"If it has a screen, The Lorax will be seen" trend takes off on TikTok

Posted on 5th May 2023

A fun new meme is taking off on TikTok where people appear to be playing scenes from Dr. Seuss' The Lorax on any device with a screen – ranging from TVs and phones to games consoles, calculators and even pregnancy tests – with a caption saying "If it has a screen, The Lorax will be seen".

"If it has a screen, The Lorax will be seen" – Let It Grow TikTok trend

The trend is believed to have started with a TikTok posted on April 28 by @acergur who was simultaneously playing a distorted version of the film's Let It Grow scene on six different devices. Let It Grow is the final song in the film, where the character Ted Wiggins, voiced by Zac Efron, and the people of Thneedville stand up to the mayor Aloysius O'Hare and plant a tree in the town.

Other people have since started sharing their own versions, using the same sound. Some of the videos, especially those playing the scene on really unconventional devices, are getting a huge response – like @user20776880 racking up more than 5 million views and 1.2 million likes by appearing to play The Lorax on a Braun digital thermometer.

A version from ASCII artist account Typed Artworks, creating a text art picture of a scene from the film with just the characters on their laptop keyboard, has picked up more than 2 million views. Commenters are impressed, saying it's "insane", "bro won the trend" and "this deserves more likes".

Other big videos include @user99897656542 and @hexmari playing the film on calculators, with 2.8 million and 2.5 million views respectively; @mycemie playing the film on 12 different devices all at the same time, which they say "took way too long" to get right (1.4 million views); and @aireyverse proving The Lorax really can be seen on anything with a screen by playing it on a Clearblue pregnancy test (1.1 million views).

This account has tried a different version playing it on the openings of a wall-mounted air conditioning unit with the caption saying "Just cause there's no screen doesn't mean The Lorax can't be seen". People in the comments are having fun coming up with alternative captions, like "If it exists, The Lorax will not resist", "If it's invented The Lorax must be presented" and "If it has a surface The Lorax is its purpose".

A couple of brands have been quick to pick up on the trend and film versions of it – including Toys"R"Us Canada with their mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe appearing to watch the film after scanning a barcode. Commenters on Toys"R"Us' video say they're pleased to see "a company understanding and properly using a trend".

Louisiana State University have made a video too, showing the film playing on a big screen in a sports stadium; as have the Drumstick ice cream brand appearing to project their "Drumstick cat" onto a thermostat screen.

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"If it has a screen, The Lorax will be seen" – Let It Grow TikTok trend

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