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"I left you alone for five minutes and you spent $873" sound becomes big TikTok trend

Posted on 14th March 2023

A sound from the point of view of someone who couldn't resist spending loads of money in a Costco has been used in 125,000 TikTok videos and counting as people post about the shops where they just can't help spending their cash.

"I left you alone for five minutes and you spent $873" TikTok trend – a selection of cards in Shooglebox

The sound shows an imagined exchange between two people, as follows:

Person one: "I left you alone for five minutes and you spent $873 dollars?"

Person two: "You left me alone in a Costco."

It was first posted by @Dalecsander in December, getting 1.8 million views and 232,000 likes.

It then took off at the beginning of March when it was used in a video by @quinnspolaroid, which uses a book store as an example of where she can't help buying more than she intended to. It's had more than four million views.

Lots of people then started using the sound, replacing Costco with the name of a store where they can't help spending money.

Example videos include @uraloser133 spending money in the school canteen (2.2 million views), @lucyparrish4, above, in the Mini Eggs aisle (1.9 million views) and @mattiesbasement in a Barnes and Noble store (1.5 million views).

Verified influencers have been getting involved, including 92-year-old @grandma_droniak, above, spending $18,000 at a funeral home (9.6 million views and 1.7 million likes), @jasminechiswell spending $873 at a hair salon (3.2 million views), @brookemonk_ at Sephora (2.6 million views), and @onwardwanna in Target (2 million views).

Well-known brands like Capri Sun, Cinnabon (above), Sour Patch Kids and local Waitrose stores have since joined in with the trend.

Spotting TikTok trends

The "I left you alone for five minutes and you spent $873" sound is just one of the new trends quickly picked up and tracked by our Buzz service, which highlights some of the big talking points emerging on TikTok and social media every day.

Buzz from Shooglebox is used by journalists, creators and brand teams who need to spot and stay on top of the latest trends.

This stack of cards for the "$873 trend gives you an idea of how you can use Shooglebox to create a read-only box of cards around a theme or trend and share it with others.

​If you're interested in signing up or finding out more about Buzz get in touch here.


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