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Shooglebox is a research and content curation tool for quickly gathering all sorts of information for future use, exploration or sharing with others.

Shooglebox is helping marketing and PR teams to work together to spot, collect and quickly understand the latest trends on TikTok.

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Shooglebox has changed the way I work and I love it. It might seem like hyperbole but it isn't: your app is the tool I've been dreaming of for planning writing projects, consolidating research, and pinning down the little bits of inspiration I get throughout a day.

– Jimmy Frohman, writer

"I bloody love Shooglebox!" Find out how Shooglebox has become an indispensable research companion for authors like Toni Summer Hargis.

A Shooglebox team account helps you work together to gather, explore and build on information in a way that sparks innovative thinking.

Think of it as a scrapbook. If I’m researching for a post then any info I find on the web goes into its own dedicated box. Inside each box are cards, which I can edit in any way I like. These cards serve as index cards, with all the pertinent information highlighted as I need. If ever I’m stuck for ideas, I can be almost certain to find inspiration in Shooglebox.

– Craig McWha, writer

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I love Shooglebox. I think of it like Pinterest for reading lists, turning everything you save into a visual "bookshelf" of curated content that includes pdfs and documents as well as news articles and Wikipedia pages. It's revolutionised the way I do my research.

– Digital Fortress UK, cyber security expert

How to create your first box of cards and and start saving web links, social media posts, photos, videos, notes, PDFs and other documents

The thing that I really like about Shooglebox is how you can mix it all in together, so you don't have to think is it a picture or text or a link? You can throw it all in there. Just chuck it in and keep going!

Alice Harman

children's book author

PR and corporate affairs teams use Shooglebox to identify, understand and navigate fast-moving issues that emerge on social media

Fantastic for remote collaboration and brainstorming

Stuart Bruce

PR Futurist

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Shooglebox is for people whose sense of curiosity means they're constantly finding things they want to explore further.

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Capture that thought: squirrelling away the things you come across

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