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Brands jump on Hoodwinked!
"Did I?" TikTok trend 

Posted on 23rd February 2023

We alerted subscribers to our Buzz service to a new TikTok trend at the end of January based on a goat singing “Did I?" in the animated film Hoodwinked!. Since then brands as varied as Ryanair, LA Galaxy football club, F’Real milkshakes and the PGA Tour have started jumping on the trend – and it's now been used in more than 120,000 videos.

It's from a scene in the 2005 film where Japeth the goat repeatedly sings "Did I?" to Little Red Riding Hood while in a state of denial. People are using it to joke about doing things they said they'd never do and backtracking on promises they've made. Take a look at this box of examples on Buzz from Shooglebox.

"Did I?" TikTok trend from Hoodwinked  – example cards on Shooglebox

TikTokers first started using the sound from videos uploaded by @jessmiguessmi on January 25 and @sativafan on February 7 – often lipsyncing to it, like @pompurin.lvr, @cheesegirl692 and @jordymcfordy.

The trend really started to take off and became mainstream after being turned into a CapCut template, allowing TikTokers to more easily change the background and caption for their own memes. 120,000 people and counting have used the template, with many uploading their results to @twitch_akenzen's version of the sound.

One of the top videos is from the user @dogcat069, joking about someone going shopping and not bringing their own money with them – using an image of a Target store in the US in the background. Their video racked up 4 million views and 1 million likes in three days.

Other popular videos have included @l0ubutters denying they ever said they were going to study for a maths test; @aubrieelish backtracking on their promise to wash the dishes; and @xgabbyadoresmex sending their best friend TikTok videos late at night despite saying they were going to sleep.

Brands have started to pick up on the trend, with Ryanair posting a video imagining how a passenger might respond when accused of filling their pillow case with extra clothes to try and avoid paying extra luggage fees.

The F'Real milkshake brand have joked about a child asking their parents to buy one of their products despite previously saying they weren't hungry; meia brand Seventeen posted about someone going into a Sephora store even though they promised not to buy any more make-up; and esports organisation TSM did a video from the point of view of a gamer denying they ever said they were going to stop playing Valorant.

Spotting TikTok Trends

The "Did I?" trend from Hoodwinked is just one of the new trends quickly picked up and tracked by our Buzz service, which highlights some of the big talking points emerging on TikTok and social media every day.

Buzz from Shooglebox is used by journalists, creators and brand teams who need to spot and stay on top of the latest trends.

It includes a constantly updated box of cards showing at a glance and linking to viral videos, TikTok trends and other things going big on social media. Buzz customers also get regular updates alerting them to some of the things they might otherwise miss or discover late.

"Did I?" TikTok trend from Hoodwinked  – example cards on Shooglebox

This stack of cards for the "Did I?" trend gives you an idea of how Shooglebox works – and how it could help you go from spotting a trend right at the start to tracking its development over time.

If you're interested in signing up or finding out more about Buzz get in touch here.

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