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Bluey TikTok sound takes off: "Airport? I'm not going to the airport"

The character Bingo's Australian pronunciation of the word "airport" – as "ehpowt" – in the popular children's TV programme Bluey has been entertaining lots of people on TikTok.


This clip from the programme was posted on January 26, captioned "new vocal stim just dropped", and the sound from it has since been used in thousands of other videos.

The clip is taken from a scene where the main character Bandit Heeler, Bingo's dad, excitedly says "Bingo, you get to go to the airport tomorrow!", to which Bingo responds "Ehpowt? I'm not going to the ehpowt."

Bluey TikTok sound – example cards on Shooglebox

Lots of people have been posting videos saying the sound is "so cute" and has cheered them up. This video by says "Something about the way this little 4 year old Australian cartoon dog says "airport" gives me an ounce of serotonin every time I hear it".

Some people think the sound reminds them of what little sisters are like – "Apparently younger sisters can say Bingo's part and it looks right":

The sound is also being used in videos where people react to being the last person to find out about something – @mothgirl says "This is how it feels when you're always the last one in the family to hear about the plans" – or situations where they're surprised that something is happening, like @jaybumblebees who can't believe he's graduating next year.

The official Bluey TikTok account, which is run by BBC Studios, has picked up on the fact the sound is trending and uploaded the clip here. They regularly post clips from the programme on their page – with several others also becoming viral sounds in the past, like "can we get the bill please?" in August 2022.

"Can we get the bill please?", taken from a scene in a restaurant where Bandit tells his other child Bluey to use her "inside voice" rather than singing in front of everyone, was used in thousands of videos by people sharing their varying levels of excitement in response to different scenarios. Videos were set up as a dialogue between two people, like this video where a girl is really excited at the prospect of getting married until she realises her partner still needs to save up to buy a ring:

Individuals and businesses are even making products inspired by the programme and TikTok trend. Lara Cakes, who's known for her intricate cake sculptures, designed the official Bluey account a celebration cake when they hit 1 million followers on TikTok; and Sticky Australia, who describe themselves as the "world's most bogan candymakers", have made little blue sweets with the main character's face on.

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Bluey TikTok sound – example cards on Shooglebox

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