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TikTok album cover trend: "Proof that not everything can be an album cover"

The new "proof that not everything can be an album cover" trend on TikTok has grown rapidly in a very short space of time – with brands and sports clubs among those getting in on the fun.

TikTok album covers trend: "Proof that not everything can be an album cover"

Videos on the trend, soundtracked with the song Money by The Drums, are made using a simple CapCut template – which has been used by nine million people and counting. The user selects five clips from their cameraroll and CapCut automatically creates a series of five album covers by freezing the frames of each clip after three seconds.

Users then export the final results from the CapCut app to TikTok, where many videos are getting a huge response – this video that German TikToker Nadine Breaty posted on January 30 is one of the biggest after getting more than 27 million views and four million likes in just two days.

Lots of people are impressed by the album covers they've seen and think the videos prove that everything can be an album cover – even clips of people falling over or doing something they wouldn't expect to look good.

Clips of animals and pets make for very aesthetic-looking album covers too – people on this video are saying the dog "is giving movie poster vibes".

Some professional musicians and bands have had a go at creating possible covers for their future albums, such as rapper AJ Tracey and boybands Here at Last and New Hope Club.

Brands have been quick to pick up on the trend, including the likes of Joe & The Juice, Morrisons, Yorkshire Tea, Costa CoffeeMyCookieDough, Cheez-It and BBC Radio One.

Sports clubs and organisations have joined in, creating album covers of their players in action, like Manchester United, Nottingham Forest, Emirates FA Cup, Barclays Women's Super League and Red Bull Racing.

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TikTok album covers trend: "Proof that not everything can be an album cover"

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