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Fool or no fool? Check out the best April Fools' by brands in 2022

Friday 1st April 2022

We've pulled together a Shooglebox looking at some of the UK brands taking part in April Fools' Day 2022 ... and spotted a few trends along the way.


There's lots of serious news at the moment – the cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine, the pandemic and climate change – so we wondered how many brands would actually post any pranks this year. However, by 10am we'd gathered more than 60 examples in Shooglebox, which shows brands are still in the mood to have a bit of fun. You can see the box here.


New fragrances and flavours


This year several brands announced "new" scented candles, perfumes and diffusers – and two even landed on the same name!


Lidl and Subway both came up with "Eau de Dough". After all, who doesn't love the smell of freshly baked bread?

Co-op invented a Sea Salt and Chardonnay Wine Vinegar Candle. Evian bottled their own water with a perfume called "Eau d'Evian".


And Branston Pickle said they were celebrating their 100th anniversary with a candle because "The Mighty Branston cannot be confined to a sandwich any longer".


Nando's introduced a "new green pepper dip" – which fans hope is code for the return of their roasted red pepper dip.


Tango announced Tango Takeaway: "all your fast food favourites in Tango-y liquid form".

And Haven came up with an unusual range of ice cream flavours for their parks, including Fish and Chips and Stick of Rock.


Products people wish were real:


Sometimes it's hard to tell if a brand's new innovation is an April Fool or a great idea – or both! Could some brands even be using April Fools as a way to gather feedback on new product development? 🤔


When Pot Noodle and Papa Johns announced Pot Pizzas – noodle-topped pizzas with iconic flavours – some people even tried to order one!


Another popular imaginary product was Cornetto Crunch Cereal – a cereal containing the chocolatey ends of Cornetto cones. Yummy!

Walker's introduced us to their Giant Bread-Shaped crisps, tweeting: "One small step for man, one giant crisp for mankind".


Weetabix came up with new Weetabix Biscuit Bites you can dunk.

And Domino's showed us a garlic and herb dip on tap on TikTok.


Collabs between brands were a popular trend:


Ministry of Sound and LEGO announced a collaboration which is a guaranteed banger...

Marmite and Krispy Kreme announced an unlikely new doughnut flavour!

Outlandish suggestions:


Then there were the brands who were fooling nobody but having a lot of fun...


Aldi UK announced they were launching an airline, Aldi Air, with flights to "the likes of Caldifornia and The Middle Aisle of Wight".

Duolingo announced their own airline with inflight lessons ... starting with "Irish"!

AO suggested they were launching the "world's first electricals themed theme park. Opening Spring 2024" for "thrill seekers".


And fragrance brand ARRAN claimed they are selling a new handwash in "liquid plaid" – a twist on the classic stripy paint joke.

Check out the box to see some of the April Fools that brands have posted on social media here.

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