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Using Shooglebox to get the bigger picture on social media 

Shooglebox: Squirrel away social media posts
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In the video example above a Shooglebox user is gathering the social media posts Lego is publishing across the social networks it’s active on.

With our Apple and Android apps it’s really quick and easy to share posts in Shooglebox as you scroll down your social newsfeeds. Shooglebox creates cards for each item – with live embeds of the post on the back of the card, which you can edit to add your own notes.

If your job involves looking at lots of other people, organisations or brands on social media, Shooglebox lets you set up Live Feeds that will automatically add posts for you. Contact us here if you’re interested in finding out more about Shooglebox Live Feeds.

Sign up for a free Shooglebox account and see for yourself how useful it is for squirrelling things away.

As you go back and explore the things you’ve collected you can link cards together when you spot connections, add colours to cards as you identify themes, or add stickers to highlight particular things.

You can shuffle your cards, arrange them in stacks, or lay them out in lots of different ways.

You can share and collaborate on them with other Shooglebox users – or get a simple read-only link to a stack of cards you can send to someone who’s not on Shooglebox.

And if you’re part of a team who regularly work together on social media publishing or monitoring, we can set you up with a Team account  that makes it even easier to collaborate, curate and edit boxes of cards. Find out more about Team accounts or contact our team here.

Shooglebox lets you squirrel away social media posts from different platforms and review them in one simple visual grid.

It’s a great way to save things that capture your imagination or that you don’t have time to read or watch at the time you’re whizzing down your newsfeeds.

If you post on lots of different social networks – or if you run a brand or business's social media pages –  you can use it to get a single view of all your posts in one place.

You can also use Shooglebox to keep tabs on particular brands, competitors, or key influencers – or a hobby, sports team or interest that you’re passionate about. 

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