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Using Shooglebox for research: go wider, go further, discover more

If your job or your interests involve lots of research – the kind where you're always digging deeper and spreading your net wider than superficial web searches – you no doubt use a combination of useful tools and apps to help you.

Shooglebox is designed for the exploratory, often messy stages of any research project, when you're finding and gathering all sorts of material from multiple sources and when there’s a benefit in not having to structure things too early, as can happen when you collect material in folders, file sharing apps or spreadsheets.

Shooglebox gives you a single place to quickly squirrel away all the different things you're finding – at that stage when you don't know if they'll come in useful or not.

And its card-based visual interface helps you spread out all your material and start exploring it visually – spotting key points, themes and surprises.

Shooglebox: Squirrel away all your research material
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The video example above shows a box being used by food innovation researchers to keep track of what people are saying about the future of meat – including plant-based alternatives and lab-grown cultured meat.

As they add web links, articles, social media posts and videos, Shooglebox turns them into fully editable cards.

Shooglebox then helps them stand back and explore the material they've gathered – adding links between cards as they spot connections, dragging cards into themed stacks, or identifying gaps for further research.

Whether it’s for a project at work, a book or dissertation, or a complex subject you want to keep on top of, you can sign up for a free Shooglebox account and start trying it for yourself.

Or you can set up a Shooglebox workspace to share as a team.

At Shooglebox we work with teams from all sorts of different backgrounds and industry sectors but with one thing in common – real curiosity and the desire to challenge assumptions and go beyond quick answers.

Get in touch to find our more about how we can help your team – including setting up live feeds where cards are automatically created based on topics, keywords or specific sources.

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