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Squirrel away all the inspiring and useful stuff for your latest project

If you’re working on a big project at work, at home, for study, or as part of a hobby or interest, Shooglebox is a really useful repository for all the inspiration and information you gather.

There are plenty of useful tools and apps to help with different stages or aspects of a project. Where Shooglebox helps is giving you a single place to store material from lots of different sources – web pages, articles, social media posts, book extracts, photos, videos, your own notes – and view it at-a-glance in a highly visual grid layout.

Shooglebox: Get inspiration for work, rest and play
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An example: Becky’s been using Shooglebox to help her and her husband plan a family trip to Florida. She's filled a box with accommodation ideas, places to eat, things to do, reminders of things to buy and pack, as well as tips from websites, blogs and Disney fans on Facebook.

“I’ll see things other people post on Disney Facebook groups and think ‘That’s a good idea’ and I’ll stick it in Shooglebox. It’s somewhere I can put things I need to remember that I know I’ll forget otherwise.

"Before I used Shooglebox I was saving ideas for villas on Facebook and then looking them up on different websites like Airbnb and Home and Away. I was keeping links and bookmarks to useful web pages in different places and constantly going back through emails or social feeds to find something I needed to look at again. Now I can save everything in one place which makes it much easier to share and discuss them with my husband.”

Shooglebox is great if you're planning a trip with a bigger group of people too. You can share your research and thoughts with the rest of the group using a single link and they can add their own cards.  No more scrolling back through group chats or emails to find that hotel you were talking about a month ago!

You can add social media posts, websites, photos, notes and more directly from your phone when inspiration strikes.

That romantic cocktail bar where your friend met her fiance? Stick it in Shooglebox as soon as she sends you a link. That restaurant your colleague told you to avoid? Stick it all in Shooglebox!

Unlike a lot of notetaking, bookmarking and file storing apps, its card-based visual interface makes Shooglebox fun and inspiring to use, whether on your own or working together with others.

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