Our scooter trip to Hungary 2019

Instead of the greetings card and calendar I usually give my wife on New Year's Eve, this year it's going to be a Shooglebox keepsake of visual memories for her to look back on from our last pre-Covid annual adventure together – just the two of us on two wheels when we travelled to Lake Balaton in Hungary in June 2019 for Vespa World Days.


Zanka 2019 was our tenth year in a row attending the annual gathering of Vespa enthusiasts – but lockdown put paid to our plans for 2020, so there will be no VWD themed souvenirs to top up this year's Christmas stocking, evoking memories and a reminder of how adventurous we still can be.


With a year off – and considering the money saved – there's every chance one of us might consider that choosing to miss next year's event may not be a bad idea.


Fighting the corner for resuming the annual adventure is going to be this year's Hogmanay gift. A one-stop shop of inspiring sights and the sounds, the effects of which speak louder than words, and will remind the two of us why we need to be back out on the open road next June and meeting up with the other Vespisti in Guimaraes, Portugal.

– Paul