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"Pay me or I'll leak your camera roll" trend takes off on TikTok

A new "pay me or I'll leak your camera roll" trend on TikTok is getting thousands of people sharing videos of photos from their phones voluntarily.

The camera roll ransom TikTok trend pokes fun at hackers who attempt to blackmail you by threatening to share your private photos on the internet. The twist is that people are perfectly happy to "leak" their own camera rolls.

Most of the TikToks use a Zorba's Dance sound which has been used in 180,000 videos since it was uploaded by @vikagurskaaa at the end of October 2022.

American DJ Steve Aoki's version – saying "Do your worst 😂" – shows photos of him wearing a blue wig when he visited Tokyo earlier this month. His TikTok quickly went viral with 6 million views and 800,000 likes in just four days after being posted on November 4.

Some people revealed that a hacker would only find cute pictures of their pets on their phones – like this TikToker and her photos of her ginger cat Morris.

Others posted videos showing how boring their photos would be to anyone else – like this student whose camera roll is full of science study notes that he forgets to delete.

After a few days brands including Duolingo, Costa Coffee and Aston Martin started to jump on the trend

There are tens of thousands more videos on the trend in TikTok like these ones and similar variations on Instagram, too.

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Pay me or I'll leak your camera roll

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