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Meghan Trainor's Made You Look: How a TikTok trend quickly hit 1 million videos

Anyone who's been on TikTok over the last few weeks has probably heard the lines "I could have my Gucci on, I could wear my Louis Vuitton" – the catchy chorus of Meghan Trainor's single Made You Look. What's the story behind its success on TikTok and how did the sound come to be used in more than one million videos so fast?

Buzz started building around the song when Trainor shared this teaser from her dressing room on October 11, ten days before the full version was officially released.

It wasn't long before TikTok creators were filming videos of themselves (and even their pets!) dancing around and changing into the outfits Trainor sings about – like this video by @jayybeach.

The dance trend really took off when British duo Brookie and Jessie, known for starting dance trends like the one to Lizzo's 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready?) in the summer, posted a Made You Look routine on October 21 – the song's official release day – which has gone on to rack up 38 million views and 5 million likes.

Meghan Trainor was quick to comment on Brookie and Jessie's video, saying it was her "favorite video ever". The following day Trainor duetted it, trying the same dance moves.

A whole wave of TikTok users were inspired to try the routine, including celebrities and influencers like Kevin Bacon and JoJo Siwa, whose muscle suit really did make people look!

Throughout October and November Meghan Trainor continued to post videos of herself and her team doing the dance – including this one that got 42 million views and 5.2m million likes with the message: "Loving all ur videos to #madeyoulook 💖🥹😭🫣🙏💖".

By October 31 Trainor had achieved the number 1 song on TikTok; and on November 14 the song hit 1 million videos.

A new sped-up version has now been created, which Trainor and childhood best friend Chris Olsen have already filmed themselves dancing to.

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Meghan Trainor's Made You Look dance trend

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