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How Shooglebox works alongside other apps like Notion

Craig McWha's boxes on Shooglebox

In this blog post Craig describes how he uses Notion to help him organise his work and for reminders and prompts. Craig has customised his Notion homepage to prioritise features like the Calendar, Daily Goals, a database for blog post ideas and links to his most-used web pages.

Craig thinks of Shooglebox as being like a scrapbook that complements Notion – and says it's a great tool for writers and students in particular, giving them somewhere to store and find lots of research material quickly and easily.

He says:

"If I’m researching for a post then any info I find on the web goes into its own dedicated box. Many a time I’ve stumbled on a topic of interest and created a new box based on that. Inside each box are cards, which I can edit in any way I like. These cards serve as index cards, with all the pertinent information highlighted as I need.


"If ever I’m stuck for ideas, I can be almost certain to find inspiration in Shooglebox. Having all that information indexed helps me retain focus when needed and diverts me away from YouTube rabbit holes!"

Read more about how Shooglebox differs from the likes of Evernote and Pocket in Craig's blog post Shooglebox - The PWA That Will Benefit All Writers and how to overcome distractions and get work done in his blog post Retaining Focus with ADHD Using Tech Tools.

Shooglebox is a really simple yet powerful companion app for the popular all-in-one productivity suite Notion.

Writer Craig McWha is a big fan of both Notion and Shooglebox. He has blogged about the way Shooglebox fits into his own working toolkit as a digital scrapbook to save things as he finds them, while at the same time retaining focus and avoiding distractions.

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