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A thoughtful and personal gift for a loved one

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Make someone happy

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Create a virtual box of happy treasures and memories for a loved one – a uniquely personal gift that shows you care.

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It's free and easy to use Shooglebox to create a truly personal gift for someone you care about. Gather together some of the things that are special to them – photos, videos, songs, web links, mementoes – and send them a link to the unique digital box you've made. 

Get some inspiration by having a look at examples of gift boxes other people have been making – from memories of special times together to things that make you laugh or cry.

Border terrier

Life is merrier with a border terrier

paul-trinitron copy.jpg

Memories of the early seventies 

Hygge love for my Danish grandma

Hygge love for my Danish grandma

Wire a plug.jpg

How-to guides for my 19 year old son

Image by lilzidesigns

Transporting back to 1995  


Our scooter trip to Hungary 2019

Back to the Future

Back to the future                     


Birthday memories from 1962

Image by Markus Spiske

Middlesbrough Football Club

Motor Mania on the C64

Games we used to play on the C64

Family highlights 2020

Family highlights 2020


A box of memories for Elsie


Lovely lockdown listens


Christmas baking and recipe ideas 

It's really quick and easy to put together a gift box that will delight anyone who receives it. And it's fun too – you'll find the act of creating something so personal makes you as happy as the recipient.