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How to create and send a virtual gift on Shooglebox

Use Shooglebox to create a free virtual gift for a relative or friend – packed with some of the things they love.


You share your gift via an email link and the recipient doesn’t need a Shooglebox account to open it and see the contents. Watch the video or follow the simple steps below.

Create a box and give it a name 

Start by creating a new box and give it a name your recipient will see, eg What you missed in '86. All the things you put into the box are turned into cards with an at-a-glance front and full content on the back.

Add old photos or take some new ones

It's quick and easy to add your own photos to a box – dragging from your desktop, uploading from a folder, saving from your phone's photo album, or straight from the camera when you take a new photo. You can add lots of information on the back, eg memories of what the photo means to you and the recipient.

Save web links and social media

Gather and save links to web pages and photos, and public posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Each card has an embed on the back that links to the original source – and you can add and edit your own notes.

Share YouTube videos they'll love

It's a great way to pull together a selection of YouTube videos you know the recipient will love to see in one place. You can edit the words and thumbnail on the front of the card – and the video embed will play on the back.

Include your own personal notes

Add notes to the front or back of a card – or create a card from scratch with your own thoughts or memories on the front and lots more information on the back. You can edit the back of any card to format text or to add images and links, and make it look as good as you want and say as much as you need.

Rearrange the order and layout

As you're gathering the contents of your box you can move cards around until they're laid out as you like them. You can use Shuffle to see if a new random order is better. Or you can move some of your cards into stacks within the box if you want to group them together by theme.

Send an email with a link to your gift box

Once you're ready to send your gift box go to Sharing in the top menu. Choose the option to create a read-only link then click Share by email. Add the recipient's email address, a personal message, and an optional four-digit PIN to restrict access to those who have it.

All they need to do is click the link

The recipient doesn't need to sign up to Shooglebox or even know what it is. The link you share will take them to a simple read-only view of the box without all the menu options and navigation you see as a Shooglebox user. They can click on cards to see the full content on the back. And you can continue to add more items after you've sent them the link.

Add things quickly from your phone

The Shooglebox app for Apple and Android devices makes it quick and easy to save photos, web links, sound recordings and links to other apps.

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