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Finn Wolfhard snapping: Brands on TikTok jump on new trend that's all about change

Brands including RyanairAston Martin and Domino's UK have been quick to jump on a new TikTok trend in January 2023 where people are using a before-and-after CapCut template to show something changing suddenly when actor Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, clicks his fingers.

The template uses a greenscreen effect to allow users to switch between two contrasting images in the background behind Wolfhard – showing changes to things like brand logos and packaging designs; somebody's taste in music, films and books; and physical changes like the weather.

Most videos are soundtracked with a sped-up version of Give It To Me by Timbaland, featuring Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado – the same song that's being used in the "excuse me, bruh" trend where TikTokers are recreating a scene of rivals Derek and Hansel in the 2001 comedy film Zoolander.


Ryanair was the first big brand to get in on the fun, on January 16 – joking about removing the windows from seat 11A "for literally no reason in 1999". In the comments they named it the "imagination seat", as passengers have to pretend there's a window.

The Aston Martin Aramaco Cognizant F1 team showed a "glow-up" of their new team colour for 2023 in their version of the trend posted on January 17.

On January 18 Domino's UK posted about changing the design of their pizza boxes in 2016 – a similar approach to a video by the Drumstick sweets brand.

Other brands jumping on the TikTok trend include Duolingo, Heinz UK, Waterstones, Specsavers and Boohoo – and even Doncaster Council.

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