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Working remotely and staying creative using Shooglebox and Zoom

Teams are using Shooglebox alongside tools like Zoom to create new and more effective ways of brainstorming and exploring ideas and issues together while forced to work remotely.

In the example in the Zoom screengrab below one member of the team has shared their screen to pull up a grid of cards from Shooglebox to review, shuffle and explore together, in the same way as you might use a wall of Post It notes in a physical session.

Team working remotely using Shooglebox a

To prepare for the session everyone in the team was encouraged to go out and find information, insights and examples – in this case on the topic of TikTok for business and brands – and use Shooglebox to add everything they find as cards to a shared box.


They've now come together on a Zoom call to talk about some of the things they've gathered. The beauty of Shooglebox is that – unlike Post It notes on a physical wall – you can click on a card and explore the full material behind it together, eg playing a TikTok video someone has saved and wants to talk about.

Remote team using Shooglebox and Zoom

And at the end of the call everyone has access to the shared box of cards to build on the discussion and move to the next stage.

Many teams have found to their surprise that a Zoom session – combined with asynchronous discussion on Slack or Microsoft Teams – is often a more efficient way to discuss day-to-day tasks and agree actions than getting everyone together in a physical meeting.


Where Shooglebox helps is with the more exploratory and creative thinking – and the surprise discovery of information – that can suffer when teams aren't physically together.


We've got lots of tips and techniques you can use to get the best out of Shooglebox in tandem with Zoom and team messaging apps. Get in touch to talk to us about:

  • Shooglebox Curiosity Masterclasses – Giving your teams the tips and techniques to go beyond the quick and obvious answers everyone else settles for

  • Shooglebox consultancy – Helping you put in place simple tools and processes to keep your team's creative juices flowing when working remotely

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