Shooglebox Pro – be more curious, be more creative

LAUNCH OFFER: Register a Shooglebox Pro account now and get six months free – plenty of time to discover the benefits of adding lots of different cards over time. We won’t ask for any of your payment details until the end of your six-month free offer period.

The more cards you add into Shooglebox, the more you’ll find you’re spotting themes, patterns and unexpected connections that spark fresh insights and new ideas. 

A free Shooglebox account gives you 500MB of storage – but upgrade to Shooglebox Pro for just £5 a month and you get 75GB storage. So you don’t have to worry about how many cards you add.

It means you can take full of advantage of the ability to upload photos, videos, audio clips and other larger files, as well as creating cards that act as visual bookmarks to websites and social media posts.

You’ll also have access to our support team, who are on hand to make sure you’re getting the best out of Shooglebox and to help you if you hit a problem.

You can pay monthly or annually.  Pay for a year up front and you get 20% off!

Set up a Shooglebox account and select Upgrade to Pro from the sidebar menu.

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