Memories of the early seventies

I've been making this box to send to my mum and brother as a little Christmas present to bring back memories of some of the things we were doing, watching and listening to in the early 70s.

I would have been eight in 1970, my brother six, my mum 29, and my dad 35 so it was a time when we did everything as a family together.

It's great fun scouring the web for all the things that pop into your head and disappearing down rabbit holes when something reminds you of a TV show you haven't thought of in 50 years. It's been bringing back memories of staying up later than any of my classmates to watch Monty Python's Flying Circus (thanks dad – even though I was initially disappointed that it wasn't an actual circus), fantastic kids TV like Jon Pertwee's Doctor Who, Timeslip and the Double Deckers, and getting our first colour TV (a little Sony Trinitron) in time for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. We did do some things other than watching TV!

I've been losing hours as I put the box together but it's a really joyful thing to do. I can't wait to share it with them – and I know my brother will want to make one of his own. Probably 1977. 


70s 1.JPG
70s 2.JPG