How to cook like mum

This is a box I've created for my kids. It started out as a place to share my favourite recipes and tips, but as I flicked through old recipe books, I came across handwritten notes from my mum and her mum.


I've ended up gathering together a lot of old family favourite recipes – some things that will remind my kids of growing up and others which have been passed down the generations.


It's amazing (and quite emotional) to look through three generations of recipes. I've loved looking at my granny's handwriting too. I'm not sure I'd be making some of the stuff that she was making in the 1920's, but it's lovely to look through and gather everything together. I'll ask my kids if they're going to attempt potted meat - euw!

We're going to continue to add to and build on the box as we find more recipes (old and new).


How to cook like Mum
Cook like mum 2.JPG