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A thoughtful and personal gift for a loved one

Create a free digital gift box that will make someone happy

Shooglebox gives you a great way to surprise and delight someone by making and sending them a digital gift box that shows how much you care.

Gather together some of the things that are special to a loved one – photos, videos, songs, web links, mementoes – and send them a link to the unique digital box you’ve made.

Memories of the early seventies

It’s free and easy to do – but when the recipient opens the virtual box they’ll really appreciate the thought, time and effort you’ve put in to making something so personal.

It could be memories of special times together in the past – the things you watched, listened to and did together all those years ago – or a wonderful collection of things that make you laugh, cry or pick up the phone to talk about. See some examples here for inspiration. 

Putting together and sharing boxes of things that make you happy can really lift spirits at a time when Covid means we’re not able to be with all the people we love, and when the news and social media seem filled with doom and gloom.

Once you’ve filled up your box you send a link to it in an email with an optional PIN. The recipient doesn’t need a Shooglebox account to view the contents of the read-only box.

After you’ve sent the box you can keep adding things to it – so it really is a gift that keeps on giving!

Find out more about how to create a gift box in our step-by-step guide.