Free exam revision tool for last minute notes and reminders

In the UK it's fast approaching the summer school exam period and students are using all sorts of different tips, tricks and methods for improving their revision.

We've been talking to some secondary school students who have found Shooglebox a great way to organise their revision notes and refer to them on their phones.

Ben from Harrogate uses it to create flash cards with at-a-glance fronts and lots of key information on the back.

"Shooglebox is really good for pulling together all your summarised notes from your detailed revision into a single place. I can use them like flashcards to test myself on key points from each topic.

"I prefer the flexibility of being able to make my own cards, with the right amount of detail for each topic, rather than using something like Quizlet which feels a lot more generic".

Cards are simple to personalise and you can be up and running in minutes, adding text, images, videos and whatever material you need, including things like photos of your more detailed original topic notes.

The mobile app is a great way to keep dipping in and out of subjects and topics to check you're remembering the right points – right up until you walk into your exam hall.

Shooglebox is free for students to use so if you're a parent or a friend of anyone who is studying for end of year exams at the moment send them a link to sign up for an account.