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Hygge love for my Danish grandma

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GIFT BOX: I created a box of Hygge love for my Danish Grandma Lisbet who embodies the Hygge way of life in Copenhagen. We're not going to see her this Christmas so I wanted to create a box of the things that mean something to both of us, from memories of childhood summers spent at the 'Summerhus' in Nostrup (where I'll never forget finding a four-leaf clover, age 5) to the annual Christmas Eve tradition of dancing around the tree and making 'Julehjurter' (Danish paper heart decorations).

I suspect I will continue to add to this box as memories spring to mind and I come across stuff that reminds me of Lisbet.  And, hopefully, when I eventually see her (and her wooden rabbits), we can get cosy and flick through the box together, Hygge style, sharing a platter of fine food and a G&T.

Hygge love for my Danish grandma

What I love most about this gift box is what I discovered in the very act of gathering these shared memories all in one place and that is just how much of an influence she has had on my life and continues to. I realise that my love of wildlife and the importance I place on funny little family traditions, such as bringing together our beloved Danish 'Bojesen' wooden rabbits at family gatherings, are traits that stem from Lisbet.

– Liz

Hygge love for my Danish grandma
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