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Background period research for a novel

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EARLY RESEARCH: I've started doing some research for a young adult novel I'm writing. It's set in the UK in early 1980s and I've been researching punks, goths, canal barges and selective mutism and Great Danes among other things.

At this stage I have a vague idea of the main character and the story arc but I'm less clear on setting and other characters so I'm using Shooglebox as place to keep photos, websites, notes, and music and things I stumble across while browsing that I think might be relevant, or that would appeal to my main character.

Background period research for a novel

Because Shooglebox is so visual it really helps in building a world for the novel - somewhere I can go whenever I sit down to write. I know some writers create playlists in a particular style or from a particular era. Shooglebox is like a visual playlist that I can shuffle to keep sparking ideas in the early stages of writing.

– Trina

Background period research for a novel
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