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A box of memories for Auntie Elsie

A box of memories for Auntie Elsie

BOX OF MEMORIES: I created this box of cards for my Auntie Elsie, who was recently diagnosed with dementia. The onset was fast so she had to move into a specialist residential home – and with Covid it was impossible to visit her in the home.

I thought the box would be a lovely way to help my auntie remember and connect to some of her past through photos, videos and songs that are close to her heart. I also thought it would help the care staff get to know Elsie better and have more meaningful conversations with her.

A box of memories for Auntie Elsie

I've made a memory box with personal photos including one of the pork butcher’s shop in Southwick that my auntie's father owned. I've added old photos and videos on social media that captured places as I thought my auntie would remember them in the 40s, 50s and 60s – like the Cat and Dog steps down to Roker beach near her first home.

I've also added some YouTube video clips from Elsie's favourite films – including The Sound of Music and the King and I – and big band sounds from the dance halls of Sunderland she loved to visit.

– Kathryn

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