Games we used to play on the C64

I made this box for my friend David who I've known since primary school. We were eight years old when we both got a Commodore 64 for Christmas. From that moment, we spent most of our early school years sat in front of a C64 screen playing games, wearing out rapid-fire joysticks and typing endless pages of code out of magazines.

Creating this box and watching the videos has taken me right back to 1981. The chunky graphics, squeaky music, and over-the-top sound effects has stirred up all sorts of memories and nostalgia – things we talked about, bits of the game we found difficult, and even the feeling I got when I rushed home with the cassette and loaded it for the very first time. I'm hoping David gets the same fun out of this box as I did putting it together.


Gaming 1.JPG
Motor Mania