Life is merrier with a border terrier

Dougie was a grizzle and tan border terrier who was born on 11th January 2005 to a breeder based in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. Unfortunately the breeder thought he was too "boisterous" to be trained for something like Crufts (they even named him "Fidget"!) so they put him up for sale and he came to us instead.

Border terrier 1.JPG

As a family it took us a while to decide on a nicer name for him, but after a few days we chose Dougie. He lived a great life with us, but had to be put to sleep in June 2017 after an issue with his nervous system. It was a really sad day for us all, but we've got lots of positive memories and we love everything about the breed. Even nowadays we're always talking about borders.

Border terrier 2.JPG

I thought it'd be a nice gift to share some old photos of Dougie with my mum, dad and sister, as well as a few other border terrier related things I've stumbled across on the internet that might make them smile at the end of what's been quite a difficult year. I've added some cute photos, videos and even border terrier themed cushions, mugs and prints they might like to buy for the house! When I send the box to them, I hope they'll contribute by adding their own photos of Dougie – and then "gift it back" to me.

– Jack