Transporting back to 1995

I was 16 in 1995 and thought I'd make a gift box for some of the girls I was at school with all those years ago. It's funny to look back and remember what it was like when we were all leaving high school and going our separate ways. I'd forgotten a lot of the music that I loved ... and a lot of the music I couldn't stand (that's you Simply Red 'Fairground'). It was the soundtrack to our summer. 


As soon as I started to search for music I bumped into films, TV programmes and loads of other stuff. I can remember chatting about Father Ted endlessly at school and I'm not even sure if we were old enough to watch Seven, but we did.  

It's funny, once you transport yourself back in time you start to remember all the other things that were going on in your life at the time. I mean, "As if?". I give my own daughter stick for saying "literally" at the start of each sentence now, but back in 1995 all I seemed to do was shrug my shoulders and say "as if?". I don't even know where it came from.  

I shared the box with my school friends. We all loved looking back through it. I added some more cards after one of my friends reminded me how much the Blur vs Oasis argument raged all year. You had to decide which side you were on. Oasis every time for me.  

– Tina

1995 b