Shooglebox for remote working: How we're helping teams collaborate, share knowledge and stay creative when they're working from home. Find out more

Feed your curiosity and beat the algorithms

Shooglebox is for people whose sense of curiosity means they’re constantly finding things they want to explore further. People who go beyond the first answer, the quick Google search, the rapid assumption. People who always have multiple tabs open on their web browser because they can't stop disappearing down intriguing rabbit-holes. People who recognise that creativity, fresh thinking, good ideas all start with curiosity and a life-long habit of noticing, searching out and squirrelling away a wide range of stimuli. In an age when algorithms decide so much of what’s presented to us, Shooglebox is here to help those who dig deeper and go wider than others. Read more

Get your head round a topic fast

Squirrel away everything you can find – review, digest and get clued up quickly. Read more

Go wider, go further, discover more

Squirrel away all your research material – spot gaps, links and surprise connections. Read more

Get the bigger picture on social media

Squirrel away social media posts from your favourite brands and influencers in one visual grid.
Read more

Get inspiration for work, rest and play

Squirrel away all the stuff for your latest project – whether for your job, hobby, vacation .... Read more

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