Birthday memories from 1962

My Dad turned 18 in 1962, so I've been making this box of memories from that year to send to him for his birthday. 


As it's a decade before I was born it's been lots of fun finding out more about a time in the 60s just before the Beatles and the Stones and all the cultural changes that followed later in the decade.


I've been squirrelling away songs, books and movies from the year that I know he liked, as well as finding other things that help transport you back to that moment in time. I’ve found some really interesting snippets like the pilot episode of Steptoe and Son and a really evocative clip of President Kennedy announcing the start of the Apollo Moon mission.


I hope he likes the box as much as I enjoyed creating it. The next project will be to make him one for 1966 – the year he and my Mum got married.


– Susie