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1001 Arabian Nights TikTok trend takes off on Dutch pop song

A new TikTok dance trend based on the 2005 Dutch pop song 1001 Arabian Nights has gone viral in November 2022 with more than a million videos being posted in just over a week.

The video below – which has 15.9 million views and 1.9 million likes – shows the typical dance on the trend, using your hands for "one-o-o-one" and horse-riding moves.

The original TikTok video with the sound being used in the new TikTok trend was posted by Taeo – a TikTok user with just 4,290 followers – on November 9.

The 1001 Arabian Nights song is from 2005 and by Dutch band Ch!pz who have picked up on the new attention and posted their own videos on TikTok including one doing their original version of the dance when the song was first released and topped the Dutch singles charts for four weeks. And another TikTok Dance vs The real dance by the real Ch!pz asking "Which one do you like best?"

One of the most viewed videos on the 1001 Arabian Nights trend is by ianburch_fit , with 11 million views and 1 million likes. He posted a second video three days later doing the original Ch!pz version of the dance and got 1.2 million views.

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